Define Doin Meaning

Doin It
Someone who is on top of his game.

Did you see that kid dance, yo he's doin it.
By Vivienne
Doin' There
Doin' There is an Australian slang for "How are you doing?". Only retarded eshay's use this.

Doin' There Connor.
By Stafani
Doin' It
The act of sex. Mainly a UK term, but may be international, can't be sure.

Oh no, Ben and Jo are doin' it again, GET A ROOM GUYS!
By Clementine
A generic term used to identify an item that you cannot think of the actual name of at the time. Pronounced (doo-INZ).Used in place of 'thingy' and 'thingmabob' and 'thingmajig'. Often used with a term that helps to identify the object. Originated in the Maritimes of eastern Canada.

Pass me the square black doins that is sitting right there on the coffee table.
By Kassey
1. In the USA - Doin' is simply short slang for the word "doing." It may be used in many ways, but the jist of how it is used is practically the same.

Hey Boy! What are you doin' over there behind the shed? Come outta there before I shoot ya fulla holes!
By Oralee
1. A shorter way of asking what somebody is doing
2. A quick way to answer the phone
3. The word for saying hello, whats up? all at once

1.Person 1 Hey doin?
Person 2 not to much, doin?
Person 1 not a whole lot etc...

2.Person 1 (answers phone) Doin?
Person 2 Hey doin?
Person 1 nothing really u?
Person 2 same etc...

3.Person 1 Doin?
Person 2 O hello, not to much, doin?
Person 1 not a whole lot etc...
By Ilise
a state in which a person is not in any partucular mood.

Caroline: Hey cameron, how are you?

Cameron: Im doin, Im doin

By Marga
Referencing a phrase used by the post-hardcore band, A Skylit Drive.

By Yasmeen
Word to define beating someone in Scotland. Most commonly used by neds in Glasgow, who usually just use the word as a threat rather than carrying out the act.

Ah'm gonnae get ma big brother to gi you a doin'!
By Tamma
Doin It
The act of holding ones arm up at the chest at a horizontal 90 degree angle, and proceeding to move the arm from left to right, closed fisted, in a fast motion. Normally performed with the eyes tightly shut, teeth clenched in a wide opened mouthed manner and head swiftly moving from left to right in opposite sync of ones arm.

This is normally only performed under extreme intoxication (tri or even quad fade) and is often associated with listening to heavy-metal music, although it may be performed at any time, you'll just look totally ridiculous while doing it sober.

1) DAMN! Did you see Nick last night? After those 19 beers, 7 blunts and 12 lines of coke that fool was straight doin it!!
2) He's doin it!
By Davida