Define Doing It Right Meaning

Doing It Right
what you let someone know when they are messed up or in the process of some form of self induced carnage. getting so wasted that everyone around you has to tip their hat at you. like when you show up to a party and you can't even walk.

no way dude, you're doing it right!
By Morganica
Do The Right Thing
A mythical computer instruction. Whatever is right to do at this point in the program, do that.

A new instruction has been added to the PDP-10 instruction set: Do The Right Thing. Please update your programs. (From a MOTD - Message of the day -- on an MIT ITS system.)
By Umeko
Do The Right Thing
a phrase used to describe something illicit, sinful, or dangerous you are about to do.

Dad: What are you doing with those cigarettes?
Son: Just going outside to do the right thing.

Guy1: Why did I see you leaving the bar with my girlfriend last night?
Guy2: Don't worry dude I was just doing the right thing.
By Jayme
Do Me Right
It could be used to say " you won't screw me over?" Meaning you'll hook that person up. Or it could have sexual meaning. Depending on how perverted your mind is.

Me- Hey man, I need you to put my street glow on my truck. You guys don't mess around over there do you. You'll "do me right?"
By Hedi
You Can Do That, Right?
When your with your dad and you see someone of the same age as you doing something kind of difficult to do and out of jealousy and disappointment of his uncoordinated son says you can do that right? with a smile on his face

Dad - look at that kid doing tricks, You Can Do That, Right?

Son - yea
By Phyllida
A smug,self-righteous,goody-two-shoes fucktard who is willing to turn civilization,sanity,and all common sense all willy-nilly all in the name of "doing the right thing",even if said "right thing" is neither the right or the logical thing.Believes themselves to be holier-than-thou though they somehow have a strong self-hatred and low self-image.Has both an inferiority and superiority complex at the same time.Will virtue signal over anything.Should be drowned at birth.

"I swear,that fuckin' brother of mine is such a do-right!He's obsessed with not offending anyone and virtue signaling event though those he worries about offending all hate each other!"
By Lucretia
The Dudley-Do-Right is when a guy sits backwards on the toilet seat to trim or shave his pubic region. By doing this, all the access trimmings falls into the toilet water providing an easy clean up. It also gives men access to the hard to reach gooch area with no hardship.

One man looks at another man in a locker room shower (no homo) and says, "ah dude, that trim job is perfect"! To which, the other man replies "Yeah, I used the 'Dudley-Do-Right'... easy clean up".
By Phedra
Dudley Do-right
A real prick that can do no wrong (sic)

See: Blanket Party

oh, you filed the reports for us? Way to go Do-Right...
By Ailina
I Should Be Doing My Homework Right Now
When you're literally on youtube or urban dictionary submitting definitions when you should probably start writing your essay due in three hours.

You thinking to yourself: Man, I've been using my precious minutes playing 2048 and snake though such has never seemed as interesting when I wasn't supposed to be doing homework. Gosh Fesfhck, I should be doing my homework right now. AAAAAÁAÆhhhhahaaaaaaahhhhhh.
By Clarey
I Can't Do This With You Right Now.
The thing your friend says when he obviously lost the argument

Lucas Dude Cmon it's obvious.
Munir I can't do this with you right now.
By Ariel