Define Don't Trust Me Meaning

Don't Trust Me
Insanely popular song by 3OH!3. The best part of which goes like this: 'T-tell your boyfriend, if he says he's got beef, that I'm a vegetarian, and I AIN'T FUCKIN' SCARED OF HIM!!!!!!!!!!!' It's a great song.

Me: What's your favorite 3OH!3 song?

Anissa: Don't trust me, do you even have to ask?
By Tine
You Don't Trust Me With Your Puppy On A Leash Look.
The look given when someone is denied a seemingly innocuous right of friendship becuase of a lack of trust.

"No, I won't change in front of you. . . and don't give me that 'You don't trust me with your puppy on a leash look."
By Gates