Define Donald Trump Meaning

Donald Trump

donald trump is fake news
By Kerstin
Donald Trump
failure, see all numbers of fails

donald trump is a total failure
By Cecile
Donald Trump
A spray-tanned ignoramus.

You're such a donald trump.
By Talia
Donald Trump
he’s a dehydrated orange lookin ass and he has a neck pussy

AHH look it’s a dehydrated orange with a neck pussy!

nope that’s just donald trump
By Mabelle
Donald Trump
some big idiot the color of a navel orange who became president to promote his MAGA hats for rednecks.

one of the biggest consumers in the spray tan industry is the man himself, Donald Trump.
By Aggy
Donald Trump

Stop being such a donald trump
By Alayne
Donald Trump
a fat shitty bastard. racist & sexist. Also a total idiot.

By Zita
Donald Trump
daddy donald, our racist ass cheeto puff. a white supremacist who doesn’t know anything about politics or how to run a country. :)

daddy donald trump did it again
By Kayla
Donald Trump

donald trump is a disgrace to the world
By Tarrah
Donald Trump
bald orange dude who lost 2020 election and is salty over it

hi im donald trump
-shoots head-
By Gray