Define Donut Shop Meaning

Donut Shop

let's bust a donut shop tomorrow morning before work holmes
By Mariska
Donut Shop
the police station, where the police plot their next nigger beating

them popo be taking me to the donut shop
By Calypso
Donut Shop
A record store. Coined by De La Soul off their second album "De La Soul Is Dead".

"I went to the donut shop and bought a bunch of 45's."
By Blondelle
Donut Shop

Dude, that party was great! A million females -- a total donut shop!
By Merline
Donut Shop Fuck
"Fat people sex"
1. Two fat people that met in a donut shop, because theyre fatties, which results in sex.
2. Both people are so fat that the guy cant tell / does not care if what hes sticking it to is the hole of the woman or the hole in the donut
3. It looks so good and yummy, but it ends with being completely exhausted, feeling fat, and regretting it afterwards

Dude,Im so fat now, the only ass I can get now is a fattie to donut shop fuck with.
( also: donut shopping, a donut shop, to donut shop, and so forth)
By Beatrisa
Detroit Donut Shop
The process of placing a donut on the penis before having sex and then proceeding. The type of donut doesn't matter but the hole must be big enough for the penis to fit through.

Tina: I like receiving Detroit Donut Shops.

Kelsey: Hellz yeah, me too!
By Laurene
Holy Moly Donut Shop
In 2019, rapper Blueface make a post on instagram, with his unreleased song "Holy Moly Donut Shop" in the background. Holy Moly Donut Shop is also a dance on the app TikTok.

The song that goes with the Holy Moly Donut Shop dance is the little snippet of the unreleased song Blueface put out on instagram.

Do you like that song "Holy Moly Donut Shop?" - Jack
Yeah - Frank
By Micaela
Donut Shop
drug house or street wit illegal activity goin down

shit yo i just ran out of da donut shop i almost got my ass lit!
By Kath