Define Dopamine Meaning

The root of all addictions.

Dopamine is responsible for the "high" we get every time we do something pleasurable
By Emylee
a chemical that is responsible for "love at first sight"
as explained in charlieissocoolike's video "Chemical Love"
it makes you infatuated with somebody.
it is also the chemical that makes you sort of high and happy.

DUDE 1: "i think i love her"
DUDE 2: "no you don't, you've only known her for like a week."
DUDE 1: "but she's perfect"
DUDE 2: "that's the dopamine talking!"
By Meara
the uber chemical in your brain that makes you feel rad.

also where heroin got its nickname, due to it flooding your brain with feelgood.

john's brain was spewing dopamine the day he lost his virginity.

doug was feeling depressed, so he shot some dope.
By Cecilia

By Dorri
It's a catecholamine neurotransmitter, which means it sends a message in your brain to tell you that you think that girl you're looking at is fitter to make offspring with than any other dame.

Charlie: Dopamine, Dooooopamiiiine!
By Stephana
Dopamine is behind a lot of the desire we associate with eating and sexual intercourse. Similarly, all addictive drugs trigger dopamine (the "craving neurochemical") to stimulate the pleasure/reward center. So do gambling, shopping, overeating and other, seemingly unrelated, activities. Go shopping: dopamine. Smoke a cigarette: dopamine. Computer games: dopamine. Heroin: dopamine. Orgasm: dopamine. They all work somewhat differently on the brain, but all raise your dopamine.

You , sexy man, make my dopamine levels go all silly. ;)
By Lusa
1. The kick ass chemical in your brain that makes you feel and do happy things... whatever they may be.
2. Also an awesome song that's the opening theme to Gantz.

1. Dopamine creates happiness. We're not exactly sure why or how, but it, enjoy.
2. (Words to the song) Kimi wa (DO-DO-DO-DOPAMINE!) doko yara? sagashi ni kite,?AWHEREVER YOU ARE
By Rafaela
A word used to describe something or situations such as Really cool- swag- awesome.

By Lilian
Trippin' (or getting high) on things that give a rush of dopamine (scrolling, searching, or scopin').

Marco spent all of Friday night opening tabs in his browser and then opening the fridge for snacks. Dopamining turned him into a nervous wreck.
By Freddi
Dopamine Blast
A sudden feeling of joy brought on by dopamine being released in the brain. Its a sudden feeling of happiness caused by such things as shopping, doing well on a test, and smoking up. Any time you notice a sudden, positive mood alteration, you are experiencing a dopamine blast.

Kelsey: "I just got an A+ in orgo, dopamine blast!!!".

Nick: "What a nerd..."

Kelsey: "Whatever, someone needs to get off the haterade".
By Cele