Define Dope Ass Meaning

Dope Ass

damn that weed was pretty dope ass!
By Marilin
Dope Ass
a complete freaking moron. a stupid person. an idiot. jackass

your neighbor let his dog take a crap in your yard again? and he didn't clean it up? what a dope ass.
By Gwenette
Dope Ass
having a good looking ass.

1. kelly's got one dope ass

2. emanuel's donkey is one dope ass
By Diane-Marie
Dope Ass
Someone who has had so much dope they are willing to commit extreme sexual acts/crimes

That dope ass Brian was so high he raped a 6-year-old girl and her 17-year-old babysitter.
By Emmi
Dope-ass Nigga
One mother fucker that always bustin out that cool ass shit and knows how to keep it real all day every motherfucking day.

Yo that dude down tha street is one dope-ass nigga He's always poppin off with some new shit.
By Marketa
Dope-ass Nigga
A chill, laid back, cool, funny ass mothafucka. Probably is always dtsab. Probably does all kinds of illegal shit.

Man: Damn Tony's party was so lit.
Woman: Yeah Tony is one dope-ass nigga.
By Essa
A Dope Ass Beat

"woah, that's a dope ass beat, you can put it with anything"
By Mel
A Dope Ass Beat
Thats simply mean a really good track

Dude1: What the hell i can't believe the shit i hear...
Dude2: Yeah homie A Dope Ass Beat...
Dude2: Can you dig it :) ?
By Riva
Dope Ass Stank
N. Cologne, aftershave or other manly fragrance.

"Whoa bro did you toss on that new cologne?"
"Hell yeah man, I'm getting my dope ass stank on tonight."
By Shirley
Frontin Ass Dope Dealer
A big fake jackass who claims he has weed or coke and has shit, pisses off real dealers and junkies.

Damnit i was at the exchange to buy the coke so i could bake crack and start dealing, but i found out its powdered sugar, the weed too must be fake too, Frontin ass dope dealer is gonna get hit up.
By Bobbee