Define Down The Road Meaning

Down The Road
At some future time.

We have gathered some important data that could be useful down the road.

Down the road, I know I'll feel sorry.

You never know - we might meet again down the road.
By Jessa
Down The Road
When you slit your wrists down your arm intending to do serious damage not likely to survive

See across the street

I'm so pissed of I'm in a down the road kind of mood
By Ailina
Down The Road
A phrase, often used in rural dialect, that lets people know your not from the city but from a suburban or rural area relative to your current urban location.

I was born in Atlanta but raised down the road.
By Angel
Down The Road
When a guy quits or gets fired from a construction job, his new status is "down the road"

"Where's Bill today?"
"Down the road."

"Since when?"
"Since he didn't show up for work Monday morning. The boss had to let him go."
By Oralla
The Cat Down The Road
Coined by Infinite Waters AKA Ralph Smart on YouTube, the cat down the road means a person you know who is in the same situation you are in.

Ralph: Are you ready to dive deep and manifest your dreams? Well so is the cat down the road!
By Marcy
Down Da Road
Anything past the violet bridge in Chalmette Louisiana.

My friend lives down da road.
Let's go down da road so we can go fishing.
By Clarice
Down The Road A Piece
A Canadian unit of measure defing the distance to a destination can range from 0 to 100 kilometers.

Q: How far is it to the next town?
A: It's just down the road a piece.
By Megan
Years Down The Road
Years from now/years later

If you don't hit it out of the park with one of these guys, then you're gonna end up 4 years down the road in the same situation you did with Jason.
By Cathyleen
See You Down The Road
A phrase made popular by circus clowns and other circus workers. It literally means what you would think it means. It's a form of "see you later". People in the circus absolutely hate saying goodbye, because goodbye is final. See you down the road means that although you're leaving right now, our paths will cross again! Like the train tracks that we travel on from city to city.

I hope you have safe travels, see you down the road!
By Margret
Down The Road Not Across The Street
Down the road, not across the street is slang for people who cut themselves. Cut DOWN your wrist, not across your wrist. Usually cutting down your wrist is a form of suicide.

Remember kids, down the road not across the street
By Hetty