Define Dragonball Z Meaning

Dragonball Z
A popular anime worldwide. The series following Dragonball (or part of the manga with the same name), and preceding wordDragonball GT/word.

Did you see the episode of Dragonball Z where Gohan killed Cell?
By Sofie
Dragonball Z
An anime sequel to the hit series Dragonball by Akira Toriyama about Goku, an alien from the saiyan planet, and his new son fighting the newest threats to the planet earth.

Dragonball Z changed the way we watch anime.
By Robyn
Dragonball Z
A show where people fly around shooting
energy blasts at eachother. In other words kick ass show!

By Dedie
Dragonball Z
A show that people really like to criticize and say the dudes look constipated yet they can name every character and their special techniques and how the bad guys were killed...

guy1: did you see how majin buu killed vegeta in dragonball z?
guy2: majin buu didnt kill vegeta! goku killed majin buu with his spirit bomb after vegeta told the namek guy to bring everyone back to life with the dragonballs... anyways why do you watch that show? the characters look like they are about to drop a duece...
By Stefa
Dragonball Z
dragonballz is a popular cartoon series created by Akira Toriyama, the origional creator of Dragonball. It can get boaring sometimes as the episodes do drag out a long time.

dragonball z Frieza saga; Freiza vs Goku
Frieza: This planet will blow up in 5 minutes....
'5 episodes later'
Frieza: Not long now...
'10 episode later'
Frieza: Just a bit longer (Why the fuck is this taking so long this is fuckin gay)
By Con
Dragonball Z
An amazing anime that was made in the 80's and is still popular to this day. Fucking white boys think that dragonball z was bullshit. If it was bullshit, how are there still many fans out there (that have lives including me) and it also has popular video games. It is about a man named Goku, he is a saiyan from outer space, but he was raised on Earth and he face many villians that threaten Earth.

Dragonball Z is cool. Fuck the haterz
By Tamra
Dragonball Z
simply the best anime ever created. its such pure genius how they dragged the fights out. this way you have much more content to watch. the music in the show both dubbed and original really fit the show. I think bruce faulconer did a great job with his synthesized music. the dubbed voice actors vegeta & goku are better then the japanese cast. but to really get the true nature of this anime you have to watch it in its original language there Vegeta will say things like "Don't Fuck With Me" and "damnit". The Original show would be like going to watch a pg-13 movie. Thank god there was no nudity i mean what person wants to see Pan naked you sick ass nasty pedophiles.

dragonball z
By Kenna
Dragonball Z
An japanimation show. It's the best show ever. All about fighting and shooting ki blasts at each other. GT is even better. the sequel.

Kaaaaaaa, Meeeeeee, Haaaaaaa,Meeeeeee,HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Clo
Dragonball Z
The show that is almost every American's initial exposure to anime. Has a bad rap for its long 50-episode-battles to save the universe. The plot moves forward at a snail's pace, as opposed to Dragonball and GT.

Bad guy gets stronger, good guy says ouch. Then good guy gets stronger, bad guy says ouch. Repeat 20-30 episodes.
By Didi
Dragonball Z
a lame show that I watched when I was 9. Its about some guy named goku who spends about 60 episode let me repeat that 60 EPISODES fighting a bad guy. Worse yet the fights are garbage and the show is always doing one of these things.
1) characters staring at awe at someones power
2) powering up
3) fighting in poorly drawn fights
4) having about 30 seconds of plot progress per episode
5) showing every characters reaction to something no matter how insignificant they are. ex- Chi-chi fainting all the goodamn time while watchting the fight through a crystal ball.
6) grunting.

trust me watch better anime heres 4 betters ones
1) cowboy bebop
2) Trigun
3) Neon Genesis Evangelion
4) Slayers
By Illa