Define Dramatic Meaning

A way to describe when someone ridiculously over-reacts, especially if they are wrong, incorrect and/or cannot spell.

male 1: "This kitty is making kitty biscuits on my stomache"
female 1: "It's stomach, not stomache."

male 1 action: at some point visits the website, and adds a definition of black haired bitch with examples pertaining to the stomach/stomache situation, then shares it on facebook.

female 1: "He's being soooooooooooooooooo DRAMATIC."
By Ree
a person that wines over little things also known as a kelly

person1:omg kid i skied 1 foot and a half and broke my knee
person2:dude suck it up ur being so dramatic, ur such a kelly.
By Pam
being dramatic means that you are over the top this could be in drama or anything really.

sophie was very dramatic in music today
By Farand

Man those mormons sure are dramatic
By Allie

Tierra Surles is always Dramatic.
By Penni

to be extremely extroverted due to being overexposed to your schools drama department. Dramatization usually occurs after becoming a thespian. when dramatized, the simplest of sentences and tasks can be completely loud overblown and obnoxious.


oscar: wow, he's dramatized
By Pru
a word manipulative people use to describe a perfectly reasonable reaction to something completely fucked up that they've said or done. Often used in an attempt to evade accountability or personal guilt.

"You bought him porn?!"
"It's no big deal. I honestly don't see why you're being so dramatic."
"He's five years old!"
By Dasi
The act of traumatizing people through the overuse of unneeded dramatic enhancements. IE- Any entity that presents a story in such a way as to elicit as much emotion as possible. A good example is news channels that use musical scores with a story.

Why does CNN and FoxNews feel the need dramatize people with the extra music & overacting emotion?
By Monica
Having endured a series of ridiculous social or family crises.

My cousin's being interrogated for the shooting of her boss, Jody's freaking out that her boyfriend's been stealing her stuff and selling it on ebay, and my boss just asked me to a dinner party with all the people from work that I hate. I'm totally dramatized.
By Pattie
One who is dramatic or acts dramatically; one who shows great emotion in every aspect, usually in a fucking annoying way.

"I'm a democrat, so I act democratically","Oh, that's cool. I'm a dramat, so I act dramatically".
By Ardis