Define Drank Meaning

purple stuff,oil,sizzurp, whatever you wanna call it. Is a codine and promithazene mix that people from the south and H-town sip and sell.

1. YOu got some drank?
2.I'm dranked out.
By Tandi
codeine; purple syrup that people from the southside of houston texas mix in their sodas and drink to "lean".

By Nerissa
promethazine, codiene, hydrocodone, and of the type of cough syrup you can drank and lean on....not only purple, there is red, yellow, green, blue, clear, orange different types have different colors

i got rainbow colors in my cup(drank)----three six mafia
By Nannette

hey girl, i like that big ass n titties. lemme buy you a drank.
By Marleah
Look for Drink. To refer to a drinkable liquid.

Lemme buy you a drank.
Gimme some of that purple drank.
By Chrysler
The one and only way to a girls heart.

Origin - Bradley Thompson, 2:29pm - 8 Jul 2019

beau I just drank you
By Federica
a mixture of juice and other types of drug and/or alcohol or related substances; often served in a white cup at social gatherings wif yo clique that's posted up.

We be sippin' on drank; Mix up dat drank partna; What you be drankin' on;
By Kirstin
drank: syrup, purple, lean, oil, juice, etc. Mayne, dranks liquid hydrocodone, promethozie, tussin, wadeva (no muthafuckin Nyquil). Ya'll take da syrup, mix it in a sprite remix, add a few jolly ranchers n' sip. sippin on syrup makes u lean (hints da name lean). Drank come from the south... TEXAS!

poe' up dat drank in dat sprite mayne.
By Thomasina
1) Slang for Kool-Aid or powdered Gatorade beverage, usually purple in color, i.e. purple drank 2) Any beverage composed of water and some kind of flavor powder, e.g. hot chocolate (hot drank) or powdered milk (white drank).

"Yo, you got any purple drank?"
"Naw, we fresh out."
By Malvina
the feeling you get the next morning when there is still alcohol in your system from the night before.

man i was so drank when i woke up this morning.
By Ursula