Define Dry Meaning

adj. Boring, lacking interest. Often used when describing parties or ho-hum sporting events.


What are you doing in calculus class dude? You should be down to the skate park.

Nah. That scene is dry.
By Alfy
the act of something very plain, boring

"that basketball game was dry"
By Dorrie
Very boring.

By Cindi
To not be in posession of something, usually refering to a dealer not having pot/drugs.

"yo, wut up nigga, u got what i need?"
"nahh man, i'm dry right now, but i should be good in a couple hours"
By Marne
The feeling one gets when they smoke a bowl then drinks some four loko left over from before. Symptoms Include feeling drowsy with a bit of perkiness and a mixture of melancholy elation when in public; generally not the most recommended place to find yourself in when experiencing this state of being.

Mark believed that he could keep his composure after becoming dry so he allowed himself to go out to the movies and was kicked out after causing too much commotion during Gulliver's Travels.
By Jayme
something that's mean or bitchy to say

"yo, she fully ignored me when i was talking to her"
"man that's so dry"
By Nissa
A joke that is very sarcastic.

By Livia
to have a low body fat percentage (bodybuilding term)

That guy is dry ass hell.
That guys is so dry his veins are popping out
By Daniele
a combination of being drunk and high

dude last night...i wans't totally drunk and i wasn't totally high...i was dry.
By Manda
This is a mixture of getting drunk and high.

Dude I was so dry last night I couldnt even stand.
By Marabel