Define Easy To Meaning

Easy Easy Easy
The thing your teacher says before giving you the hardest test of your life. If your teacher says this, you must run from it. A scientific study conducted by MIT confirms that the average test score when a teacher says this is 49%. This phrase is often followed up with stuff like "I am ashamed to give you this test".

Teacher: OK guys pop quiz! Don't worry, it's easy easy easy.

Gullible Student: Oh, it's good I didn't study. This test will be very easy to pass.

Smart Student: Oh crap, I am screwed. I guess I must break my fingers. Hey Daquan, can you break my fingers?

Daquan: Sure, if you break mine.

Smart Student: Deal.
By Stephana
On Easy
When your gas gauge points to the E.

Bro! My gas tank be on easy.
By Jane
Be Easy

aight man, i'm out. be easy
By Novelia
Be Easy
just act cool, relax and take care of yourself

4 sho shawty you be easy
By Maggi
A way to say "calm the fuck down" without getting in trouble, you little shit.......

Teacher: "DO YOUR WORK NOW!!!!"

Student: "Easy....."
By Valeda
Someone quick to "put-out"

Damn I heard dat gurl was hella easy
By Margarethe
Be Easy
To chill or act real calm and not worry

Mike: Yo I just shot a cop in the leg while he was walking to the donut shop
Jami: Be easy mang, I'll help you hide the burner
By Augusta
A greeting, mostly used by english.

Used with the suffix 'now':
Way of saying 'Calm down'

'Ite mate!'
'Easy bruv'

'Easy now boy'
By Fredra
Be Easy
be cool, dont stress, and relax

aight peace out bro. be easy and be safe
By Joan
A command, used to calm a person down when that person is getting excessively agitated. The command is also used to settle a person down after that person has done something disturbing.

The command of "EASY!" is pronounced with the accent on both syllables (EEE'-ZEE'), as opposed to the traditional word easy, in which only the first syllable is accented. The command of "EASY!" is usually shouted, which immediately puts the offending person on notice.

Example 1:

Person A: Man, you wouldn't believe all the things I bought at that flea market! The prices were out of this world! So cheap! I'm going back there next week! How come no one told me about that kind of place --

Person B: EASY!!!!

Person A: Okay man, fine, I'll relax.

Example 2:

Person A:

Person B: Hey! EASY!!!
By Milissent