Define Eg Meaning

Definition: "For Example"

Originated from the Latin word: "exempli gratia"

See also: e.g.

I have friend! eg. err.. ermmm.......... ... hmm...
By Wileen
How a noob spells egg when they are new to online dating.

i luv eg, du u?
By Catherine
erect girth, as in penis girth with an erection

My eg increased from 5" to 5.5"
By Shir
ExplicitGaming the best game hosting company ever.

ExplicitGaming pwns your face
Idle #explicitgaming ktnx
By Ina
When a woman forcefully ejaculates after the juices and cum have been whipped together into a frothy thick cream wad.

Getting Egged.
Getting Egged On.
That woman is so hot Iā€™d let her Egg on me.
I went over to my girlfriends house and she totally Egged me.
She took advantage of me and Egged in my mouth.
By Mariele
The most awesome Turkish name you can ever find. If you have seen this name stop running away and ask for an autograph.

Girl 1: Have you seen that Turkish boy over there? Girl 2: Yeah.. I think that's Ege, he's so cool.
By Jolyn

Is that ege omg
By Hermina
A turkish name. It is pronounced like eg-eh. It's kinda common. I personally like it because it is my name. Ege can get mis-pronounced like "ejay".

By Arleen
A funny cunt who looks like the re-carnation of Harambe

Me: Look at Harambe, he be chatting the girls
You: Ohh, no thats just Ege
By Loria
Egging is fun prank that the youth of today enjoy alot. It is the art of throwing eggs, usally at cars, houses and sometimes people. Its really annoying, stinks and is a bitch to clean off. But its fun to do, to watch people shout at you and looks great when the egg explodes all of a surface, even better if its a person! When you throw loads of eggs at one thing it is called slaugtering. It is usally done on halloween.

"Lets go egging tonight"

"We just slaughtered that guys car!"
By Josee