Define Ejaculate Meaning

Modern definition: When someone's penis excretes semen during sex.

Older Definition: To shout

Modern: If you or your partner ejaculates during unprotected sex, you or they have a chance of getting pregnant.

Older: 'Wretched inmates!' I ejaculated, mentally, 'you deserve perpetual isolation from your species for your churlish inhospitality.'
-Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

By Valene
To emit semen from the penis, usually during the climax of masturbation.

I ejaculate when I think about the beautiful Pepa.
By Malissa
An event brought on if you gesticulate, fellate, titillate or agitate near your prostate.

Nilpferd found it easier to ejaculate with the assistance of a trained professional.
By Becca
seminal fluid (male) or clear glandular fluid of unknown composition (female)

By Ines
a) to utter something rapidly

b) to emit cum from the penis (or clitoris) usually by masturbation

Little Jon ejaculated over his teacher (works for both, ha so bored)
By Gisela
to throw out:
1. parastaltic emptying of the seminal vesicles and ejection of seminal fluid;
2.a forceful verbal reaction

"It is better to ejacu-late than never, Jack ejaculated."
By Cristie

After plenty of fun and games (wink wink, say no more) the male genetalia had already produced a multitude of ejaculate on the female partners face.
By Kimmie
Also used as a projectile weapon that can move at very high speeds.

18:23 shoulda shot them in the eye 18:23 with ejaculate?.
By Eulalie
to exclam or say somthing


on the hardy boys one says "look out billy"hank ejaculated
By Leisha
(eh jackul et)

It's when your urine turns white.

It only takes me about 35 minutes to masturbate myself to sleep. i have a glorious orgasm and sleep like a baby after i ejaculate.
By Marillin