Define Episode Meaning

1. In literature or entertainment, a segment of a series.

2. In medicine, an instance of a medical condition.

1. Television series are shown in episodes.

2. When ill, a person may experience episodes of dizzyness or faintness.
By Kayle
Difficult times; trials and tribulations. A wordfit caused by a medical condition (usually epilepsy)

I went through an episode getting out of debt.
By Audrye
noun- the belief that all of your life is basically one big television show. Most notably showcased in "the truman show" starring jim carrey, this is often described as acute paranoia. (other forms: episodist, episodistic)

Tater: im telling you, this is a tv show and im the comic relief!!
phil: so your part of that episodism scene huh?
By Querida
When an adult throws a temper tantrum like a child does when he doesn't get what or things don't go the way they want. The adult acts like a child by yelling, throwing things, bitching, pouting, and in extreme cases cries, when they don't get what they want or things go against them.

Wow Austin had an "episode" at lunch when his water glass got empty. You should seen the "episode" he had the other day when the waitress brought his salad, and it had croutons and cucumbers on it, after he asked them not to put them on it.

Please don't do that because Austin will have one of his "episodes," and we will have to listen to him all day!!!!!!!
By Eilis
When you want to commit suicide from watching too many episodes of a tv show

Dude, I watched like 2 seasons of 'How I met your Mother' last night. I was episodal after the 5th episode.
By Nicolle
Meg Episode
An episode of a TV series in which the plot revolves around a boring or unloved side character. This term comes from a Family Guy episode in which the main character, Peter Griffin breaks the fourth wall and makes a reference to the phenomena by apologetically informing the audience that this was to be another "Meg episode".

Friend 1: Oh great! A new episode of Widgets!
Friend 2: Sorry man, I already downloaded it. It's a another Meg Episode, all about John Doe. Boring.
By Ki
Episode Interactive interactive storytelling app that many people dedicate hours of their time to writing stories for

2. an interactive storytelling app that many people make a hobby and an online Instagram community about

Wow, I am in love witn Episode Interactive! There are so many good stories to read!!
By Anna
Beach Episode
A standard filler episode in many Animes. A beach episode features characters on a spontaneous trip to a beach or pool with little plot progression.

Two characters just died last episode, the main characters were deeply saddened. The next episode features a completely spontaneous trip to a beach or pool; beach episode!
By Rosalyn
SynCRAPal Episode
A synCRAPal episode is a specific type of syncopal episode (passing out or fainting) that happens when you’re straining to have a shit.

OMG! Murray has been rescued by the paramedics a dozen times this year - every time it’s the same story - he’s had a synCRAPal episode!
By Loise
Crossover Episode
something a yellow Labrador once said

BoJack Horseman and Mr. Peanutbutter in the same room — What is this, a crossover episode?
By Tessie