Define Error Meaning

What the computer (or technology in general) is full of. A computer's MOST FAVORiTE word ever, and its VERY MOST FAVORiTE thing to do. Errors are not really mistakes; computers (and other similar devices) just do them on purpose to tick people off.

Trying to upload a pic on Facebook, and I got this message
Computer: "ERROR: Facebook has encountered a problem try again later."

*****30 MiNUTES LATER*****

Trying to burn a CD
Computer (when it "finishes burning" the CD): "Error: The memory could not be read."
Me: "AUUUGH!" gets mad and stomps off to room
By Indira
what myspace is full of.

tom: i'm sorry theres been an error it has been forwarded to myspace's technical group.
me: fuck you tom! *breaks computer*
By Max
When your computer freezes then starts playing an annoying sound over and over again, driving you so insane you decide to jump off a bridge with your computer in one hand and the manual in the other.

Person: "OMG! This ERROR not again!"
By Inge
Something that happens on Windows 98 too much.

"Illegal Operation. Restart the goddamn computer, assclown."
By Courtney
When something goes wrong it is known as an error. Usually pronounced using a drunken slur

I've Errored tonight.
ERROR, Ive just lost everyone.
By Cecily
when something goes wrong
usually used with anything to do with computers
occors a lot on any microsoft based operating system
especially on a programming language invented by sun microsystems
particularly when you are on a deadline

you have got a redundant someshit error on line 24.
By Torey
A fat, bearded man who lives in the village of Ruto. Knows about a tunnel south of the king's tomb in Mido.

By Madelyn
The act of an error(n).
Causing an error.
The verb used to imply the action of error.

"For some reason The computer program keeps erroring at 70%"
By Alane
A really nice guy, always happy, loves to make other happy, always trying to find love. If you ever find yourself an Error, be glad he likes you. He’s a keeper

Girl 1: Error is so adorable I love him!
Guy 1: I agree! Error is like my little brother but less annoying
By Zitella
The mysterious being ErrorS is shrouded in mysterious mystery. Nothing is known about him other than his affinity for aquatic life kept in ornate fishtanks. Oh and he's a retard sometimes.

19:14 Forbes: Why Yahoo! Can't Fix Microsoft
19:14 what the fuck
19:14 why is everyone acting like MS is dying?
19:17 456 dollars a share for google, holy fawk
19:17 MS shows much more profit than google does
19:17 MS is seriously underrated
19:19 every time they release something new
19:19 there is some influx of idiot users
19:19 bashing them for no fucking reason
19:20 they have single handedly turned PCs into what they are
19:20 they dont just deserve our respect
19:20 they deserve loyalty
19:20 blind loyalty
19:21 guessing noone agrees
19:21 well, fuck you all then
By Emelina