Define Esp Meaning

Extra-Sensory-Perception. Often referred to as "The sixth Sense". Often used in conversation when one makes a lucky guess as to what someone is about to say.

M.C. Hammer: I want to-

Patrick Surtain: SLEEP!

M.C. Hammer: Hey! I was just going to say that!

Patrick Surtain: I must have ESP!
By Bonita
Used as shorthand in online conversations to substitute 'especially'.

Person 1: Wow that concert was ace!
Person 2: Yeh the drummer was esp good.
By Dannye
ESP in gaming language (mainly counterstrike games and mods, fps games) means Enemy Sound Position. It is an illegal program, cheat, which shows a square or dot or other sign on the position of other players (of opposite and/or the same team), and that symbols are visible through walls so user of esp can see where enemies are. This is kind of wallhack.

-thx man! this is sooo great esp! without it our team would lost this match!
By Natalina
Eletric Shock Protection. This is found is walkmans and other protable cd players. It keeps the cd from skipping

My Walkman dosent have ESP. Every time I fucking move it the cd skips.
By Isahella
Extra-Sensory Penis:
ESP entails always knowing when a guy is thinking about sex and to what degree. In other words, it's completely useless because it's a constant extreme.

"How did you know I was horny?"
"I have ESP"
By Zola
refering to the ESPlande, in Toronto, Canada. The people in The Esplande, have a destinctive accent that is often referred to as sonding like a sheep.

"Where you from playa?"
"East ESP, holmes"
By Monika
An eastern suburbs princess is someone who lives in Sydney's eastern suburbs who apparently has such a hard life, when they are actually rich as hell

She's such an ESP
By Devonne
A company that makes guitars and basses. Originally started as a custom guitar shop, they later started mass-producing certain styles. The cheaper, Korean-made models are refered to as ESP LTDs. ESP guitars are mostly custom made, but they still sell a few "base" models. They are mostly used by hard rock and nu metal bands such as Deftones, Cold, Ill Niño, Skinlab, etc.

Their custom made guitars are way too expensive for my tastes, but if you like them, hey, go for it.
By Katha

I like Pakistan's cricket match esp. when it is in Dubai.
By Denni
Eat Some Pussy

I just want to ESP rn but whatever
🏊 ♂️🏊 ♂️🏊 ♂️
By Norry