Define Essay Meaning

useless work used to torture billions of kids in this world

Jimmy had to do his long essay instead of playing outside with his friends.
By Therese
what you are probably avoiding doing by being on this website in the first place

essay? nah. ummm, lets seeee... Urban dictionary!
By Lacy
assigned by teachers as a form of torture viewed as acceptable by society. Complaining to the teacher about the work it entails it wrong, but said teacher is allowed to bitch and moan about grading it as long as he/she pleases.

Yesterday Mrs. Bitchstein assigned us a 5 page essay to do overnight. Today she complained about grading it over the weekend. What a hypocrite.
By Babbette

I have to do this tomorrow. I'm totally fucked now. Thanks a lot, Mrs. smoking pot Dunn-Peters for not teaching me about essays.
By Ros

The only thing worse than an essay is being mauled by a bear.
By Demetria
a long, written, assignment that could have been explained in two or three sentences.

billy said: "instead of writing an essay on the brain i wrote this, 'the brain in the nervous center of the body. without it we would not be able to do things like breathe. it works by sending electric impulses to the muscles in your body...the end'"

((of course he got a F+))
By Rozanna
1. What you should probably be working on right now. See also: homework

Hmm, what can I possibly do to further my procrastination? I know! Look up the word "essay" on UD!
By Tierney
a waste of time that MLA and APA supporters believe is not colossal enough in its time-wasting ability. used by professors whose sole dream it is to stop students from slacking off for the weekend. goes well with coffee.

I can't believe Mr. Smith just gave us that huge fucking essay! He's out of his mind.

Jimmy, you can't go to the senior prom until you finish writing that essay.
By Rebekkah
How a moron spells ese.

An essay is something you write for school, not a Mexican.
By Trula
1. A composition that is usually a few pages long.
2. Something that evil English teachers assign too many of.

I have to write another English essay today.
By Kissie