Define Every Other Meaning

Every Other Wednesday Night
The act of having sex with a girl and cumming inside her vagina and then letting her drip it all over your face.

By Brinna
Every Other Day Playa
1. Not being able to play every day
2. To party one day and get knocked out and too hungover and unable to party the next day.

Chieu is knocked out and can't party two days straight. He's an every other day playa.
By Sissie
And Every Other Weekend...
She has sex with on of the retards that lives here.

Is what you were going to say. "And every other weekend... she fuck one of the retards who lives here"

I'm going to kill you too you know. I'll sit here with their corpses until you get here. It's going to be hard for me to stab her so I'll probably drown her in the bathtub but you? Easy.
By Annetta
Every Other
person or thing every second or alternate person or thing.

" The magician turned every other card over. Every other table had an ashtray on it."
By Malanie
Every Other Time
The frequency DJ Zanimal gets his hair cut (every 6 weeks)

You wouldn't stank so bad if you didn't shower every other time.
By Mela