Define Every Meaning


By Dacey
Inclusive of all parties. That's right: a party hoar.

"Every PH has it's place."
By Clarette
A Caucasian man typically wearing a short sleeved shirt and shorts. More specifically, wearing a polo shirt, khaki or navy blue shorts just above the knee, a brown woven belt, and boat shoes with no socks.

He’s kinda cute but that every has no edge whatsoever.
By Belvia
To love more than anyone ever thought was possible. The sky is no longer the limit; there is none.

Every could only describe my feelings for you.
By Lauree
Every Me And Every You
Every me and every you is a fanfic where spencer Reid and y/n get into bdsm. You can find this fanfiction on Wattpad.

Have you read every me and every you yet?
By Wilona
Every Single
The most overused redundancy. Every already means single. It would be wrong to say, "every single person" and not mean only persons that are not married.

I exercise every single day.
By Olwen
Every Avenue
One of the best bands in the world, formed in 2005, signed to Fearless Records in 2007. AKA Every Av
Lead: David Schautzman (wrong sp, ik)
Guitarists: Josh Randall,
Bass: Matt
Drums: Dennis

Did you go to the Every Avenue concert?!
Hellyea, saw spark to the rescue and all time low too! Best bands ever man.
By Tedra
Every Toilet, Every Ceiling Fan.
The phrase you use when you have to do an extensive amount of work, that is ultimately pointless.

John: What do we have to do in Language Arts tonight?
Isaac: Every toilet, every ceiling fan.
By Abra
Every Sunday
Local NSW rap/electro band. First hit single "On the Fringe". First Ep "MVP" released December 2010.

By Quintilla
Every Minute
Every 60 seconds
Every 30 seconds twice
Every 10 Seconds 6 Times

By Legra