Define Everyone Meaning

Possibly the most annoying thing one can do on Discord, a chatting service geared towards mainly gamers. If you use a bot on there to search for the definition of this, you will most likely piss everyone off.

you: .ud @everyone
ErisBot: Urban Dictionary Error: '@everyone' was not found! :frowning:
server full of people: WHO JUST DID THAT
By Lanny
A command on discord that notifies everyone on the server. The more times you type @everyone the more people will like you and not be disappointed about the notification.

Dudewhoeveryoneisgoingtolove: @everyone
By using @everyone you are about to mention 69,420,666,911 people. Are you sure?
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Several people are typing...
By Rafaelita
That one guy in discord without any friends and asks people to play with them

@everyone anyone down for some fortnite???
By Lanny
A common misconception, not a typographical error. (C'mon people, you should have learnt this in primary school).

1. The word "Everyone" refers to everybody; such as when talking about a group of people.

2. The phrase "Every one" refers to each individual item or thing within a group.

1. "Everyone over there suck at playing soccer."

2. "Every one of those balls are red in colour."
By Danny
Why do you want a definition. You should know this. Hell for discord users..

By Chrissie
The little shit who posts @everyone should go to hell

@everyone nEw gAmInG sErver:
By Kamilah
always used by overdyle from cornhub

Overdyle: Yo @everyone
lol bro: shut the fuck up
By Leanna
All people including you! You're spending time on Urban Dictionary when you have papers to file or burgers to flip or algebra 1 homework to finish so you can pass eleventh grade

everyone is all people bruh ur dumb if you think it's less than all.
By Viviana
For Everyone

boy 1 : i think i like her

boy 2 : nah don’t go for her, she be for everyone
By Mindy
The worst thing you can do if you own a discord server or if you are an admin of a discord server. Please dont do this. Everyone gets annoyed.

Did that kid really just @everyone ? What a bitch.
By Maddi