Define Ew Meaning


I just stepped in a horse turd--ew!
By Celeste
word used to describe something gross

GIRL # 1- EWWW, Spiders

By Dolores
the word ew is commonly used by izaiah rodriguez whenever someone drags him or says something cringe, also used when someone is rude to you/ or someone else

example 1:
person: you’re ugly
you: ew

example 2:
person: let’s get turnt
you: ew
By Federica
a word us girls use to describe most guys

Jackie: Look! That dude is so skinny, he should be Nicole Richie!
Rachel: EW!
By Mirelle

unpopular girl: OMG I LUV YOUR SHOES!!!

popular girl: *turns around to friend
She is so EW.

popular girl #2: totes
By Candra
It means that someone is calling you gross. It's an insult.

Joseph: Hello, people! Guess who I am?
Jimmy: You are so ew! =/
By Aimee
often confused with eww which means like yuck, but ew means extra weird.

Johnnie is e.w (extra weird)
Johnnie is ew.
By Pier
an exclamation--usually an interjection--that conveys surprise or disbelief; often elongated to ewwwww

"As far as friends go, you aiight."
"Ew! Whatever!"
By Helaine
A North-Eastern (England) term for pretty much everything. It can be used to greet, to grab attention, or to show disgust, these being only a few of its meanings.

Rather than pronounced 'Oooo' its literally pronounced 'ew', elongated, it would sound like a post 'Oh'.

Ew mate, how you doing?

Ew, I totally bucked this lass last night.

Ew no you can't say that man!
By Linette
What gay guys and girls say as an interjection of disgust. Not saying that it is bad to say, its just its a femine type interjection. It can also be Ewwwww!!!!! or ewww! or even EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!
You get the idea

Girl: Ewww! That new kid is really ugly!
Girl 2: I would NEVER do him!
Girl: But your a total slut! Of course you would!
Girl 2: Ok I would but not twice!
By Janifer