Define Ex Meaning

a former boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or even friend.

i just talked to my ex yesterday, she was really pissed cuz i dont pay her child support.
By Charleen
1) Someone who will have sex with you when nobody else will

2) Someone who won't speak to you even when everyone else will

I needed a lay so I called my ex.
By Sissie
prefix for someone who was or used to be

By Marylin
one's former wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, etc

She went to the Prom with her ex.
By Arlie
a person you used to love
a person you now hate
a person who you dont want to have sex with anyone else
a person who you have sex with once in a while
a person who owes you child support

hey, my ex was over and we screwed. But then we fought again over the money.....
By Chloris
1) One of your previous significant others whom you've had a relation-shit, and coincidentally, a break up with. In most cases, not someone you ever want to see again. In very VERY rare cases, someone you might still talk to and consider a friend, because you both have a history and too many experiences to forget about together and are both mature enough to push any emotions you have left (if any), aside.

2) Your current bf/gf's ex. AKA an evil being that must be destroyed, at all costs. If you're a girl- for some reason, your bf's ex always seems to be a blonde with big boobs and a shitty personality who for some reason, makes you feel fat. If you're a guy- somehow, your gf's ex is famous among every girl you know, and if you ever bring him up, they can't stop telling you how "funny" and "amazing" he is. You also can't stop yourself from wondering if his equipment's bigger than yours.

1) The last two months of me and my ex's 1-year relationship were hell due to our constant fighting over stupid shit. So we broke up and I never want to see him/her again.
My ex and I broke up after dating for two years because he/she had to move. We got along really well during those first two years, so we still keep in touch.

2) (After current gf meets ex gf)
Gf: "Well... she was pretty."
Bf: "Uhh..."
Gf: "...Does this skirt make me look fat?! She was skinnier than I am! Why'd she have to be so skinny? What is she, anorexic?!"
Bf: "You look fine. You're just feeling the jealousy and insecurity that can only be brought on by seeing your significant other's ex..."

By Jorey
out of my life.

By Bess
An ex obviously is the prefix of past, but ex's never understand this. They are hideous creatures who used dark magic making you oblivious to all of their flaws. If you're a man , you were an asshole who didn't deserve a genuine loving person. If you are a women , you are a supercilious, pampered, promiscuous, BITCH. An ex generally tends to have sex with you because they are desperate whores who can't contain themselves. Meanwhile, you're dating someone else they have an epiphany that they have lost something of value and begin to plot a way of destroying your happiness.

My boyfriends ex is a bitch.
By Georgena
a trash hoe ass dude who pretends to love but is a bitchass liar and dumps you for a hoe ass bitch the next day🤠🤠

“you see that guy over there?

“yeah what about em”

“that’s my ex 🥴”
By Hannie
a word used by thousands of people around the world as a cover up for the words obnoxiouss, evil, and slutty

Oh, him? Yeah, I hate him. He's just like my ex
By Jemie