Define Exaggerated Meaning

completely blown way the fuck out of proportion so someone seems much cooler than they actually are.

"yeah i squat about, ya know, 250lbs, I don't like to brag, but I'm a beast." Wow Tim totally exaggerated that statement.
By Stacie
magnify beyond truth,

or to make something seem larger,better,worse or more important than it really is or needs to be

(1)I'm sure he exaggerates his Irish accent (=tries to sound more Irish than he really is).
(2)Demand for the product has been greatly exaggerated.
By Melisent
A word that my father believes doesn't exist. Some what close to exaggeration. (truly it doesn't exist ...)

I was being very exaggerant when I said the brakes will cost $800.00.
By Jacklin
Someone who is known for exaggerating way too much.

Johnny: hey, today I had to run like 4 million miles for track!

Luis: Oh, you're such an exaggerator!
By Vicki
A ridiculous story told by liars, nobody ever belives them and only the liars are stupid enough to think that people acctually do

Guy 1: Dude this kid told me the biggest Ralph story, he said that on call of duty he shot a javelin at the moon and the pieces fell onto the map and killed everyone so he called in uav and the uav got 867 kills so he called in 25,000 nukes but buzz lightyear was mad at him for destroying the moon so he came into the game and killed everyone and ate the nuke then the game ended and i got a challenge and infinity ward gave me 1000th prestige free
Guy 2: Wow what an exaggeration
By Bunny
Exaggerated Swagger
A distinct characteristic only found within black teens, typically displayed when leaping off of rooftops and flipping backwards to face the camera before falling into a head first dive.

The way he leaps off of rooftops and turns to face the camera before falling into a head first dive is just full of the exaggerated swagger of a black teen, it gives me goosebumps every time he does it. -Gamespot 2020
By Arlana
Curse Exaggeration
When some one turns a story they heard into the most dirty thing ever basically adding a bunch of curse words to a sentence making it somewhat more interesting

John: tell Sarah that I have her pen

Josh: k hey Sarah John has your fucking pen and if your bitch ass wants it back you have to fuck him you bitch
Sarah: liar I know that was curse exaggeration
By Sophie
Exaggerator Calibrator
a mental device used to make a notorious exaggerator's stories more truthful.

As she spun her bloated yarn my exaggerator calibrator was working overtime trying to drag the rocketing leviathon back to earth.
By Marya
Exaggerated Drama
A dramasode that has escalated into levels you cannot comprehend. A state of which that said dramasode has achieved to the point where you don't want to care, you don't want to know, and you don't want to be involved anymore with the people who triggered it.

For a dramasode to reach this point, it has to last for a long time, two parties or multiple parties just not willing to let things die, and those same parties acting at their most immature.

Just when you think a dramasode has died, it picks right back up.

Johnny: "I'm going to get back at him all right, I'm going to light a bag full of shit infront of his house!"

Tom: "Johnny, this drama you have with Brad has been going on for five months straight. That's enough to make a series of seasons this drama can be documented for. Please st-"


Tom: "Ok then, screw you. I'm tired of your exaggerated drama with people. I'm moving out."
By Kristyn
Exaggeration Number
The number you typically use to exaggerate a situation or scenario.

Although there are many numbers to choose from, you tend to stick to your own exagger-number.

"I heard he has like, twelve million siblings"

"There were about twelve million people at that show!"

"Pretty sure he slept with at least twelve million people."

That's my exaggeration number
By Sheri