Define Exam Meaning

An opputunity to belch, fart, scratch your arse and grafitti on desks paid for by your financially struggling school.

The exam went on for two hours, then everybody died because of the methane build up
By Melinde
A game played by polititians , the winner gets to kiss Ann Widdecome.
Basically what they have to do is come up with the hardest and most incomprehensible test.
It is judged on the most death threats sent to each polititian.

Oh no! not more Exams
Who's going to send the death threat to Tony Blair this time.
By Eartha
a form of torture that comes twice a year, usually before something enjoyable (i.e. Winter Break, Summer break.), in which a student will learn about the material on the test, while taking the test.

Student 1: "Dude, I can't wait for Christmas!!"
Student 2:" I'm not, we have Exams!"
By Ros
A rather large test spawned from the deep fiery pits of hell. If one fails the exam, it is known to pull the grade down, therefore causing an inhuman build up of stress.

Shit dude, I bombed that exam.
By Fran
the only thing that always ruin my life ... the destroyer! the ultimate fuckin' exam always stuck my head down! the term used aside from the word suffer! and the word next to sorrow .. the word next to grief! the word next to burden!!

ohhhh i cant wait to suffer today for my exams..
By Lillis
A form of hell that is praised by teachers and parents that is used for conventional torture of students. The most used google search during exam week is "how to commit suicide with no chance of survival"

By Lynsey
stupid bollocks that piss off everyone.

exams should be abolished for the welfare of all teenagers (especially those with depressive streaks like Lacey).
By Darda
the teachers excuse to make you work your butts off and fry your brains so they can take time off marking homework while youre revising and go to flash parties

"ugh my brain...ive been doing to many exams..."

"ok kids, your exams are coming up so no more homework! Just lots of revision."
By Nan
A set of assessed procedures to gauge academic performance following a course of study. However, Marxists would argue that this is in fact a product of 'false consciousness': exams are actually engineered to force the proletariat of students to undertake the normail 'duties' of everyday life. These usually involve hygeine; for example, washing your clothes, cleaning your room, or undertaking a meaningless life mission such as adding definitions to the Urban Dictionary.

A: Do you want to come over for a 5-course dinner and literature discussion group after I finish indexing all my bank statements?

B: Sure, what's the occasion?

A: I've got exams.
By Irma
a period of time when a person becomes mentally ill, due to unsleepiness and non-hunguriness. this time passes very slowly and it seems this time is never gonna end.

even that time is better that examination time when whole of the family watches news or classic stupid movies.(actually i am forced to watch it although i dont want to)
By Ardyce