Define Excellent Meaning

A word similar to cool or awesome. Usually used to show excitement or enthusiam towards something.

"Wayne's World, Wayne's World. Party time, excellent!"

"That pie was excellent!"

"I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geicko...excellent!"
By Pauline
An item or experience of superlative value.

Wow! That Annie's Mac 'n Cheese with parmesan, blue cheese, salsa, Newman's Own and raisins was really excellent!!!
By Jessa
The second-highest step rating in the game of In The Groove, only to Fantastic. Excellent gives 80% credit for the step.

I just got this song down to 13 excellent.
By Perrine
to express ones feelings in a sarcastic fashion.

To reinforce ones views.

"So how did your date go last night?"
"Excellent- her ex husband showed up and came at me with a knife!"
"Oh... you're going to see her again?"
"Next tuesday,best sex I've ever had!"


Walking into a door- you tut to yourself and say excellent and also unpoptastic!

By Adelheid
NOT so excellent when said sarcastically. Used in a derogatory manner to mean exactly the opposite of its true meaning. Said when a complete SNAFU occurs and usually inflected upwards at the end so that instead of saying the "EX" with more force, you gradually increase the pitch and distress in your voice as you follow through the word. Delivery of "excellent" is an art form mastered by the most sarcastic individuals who have experienced far too many fuck-ups. A cluster fuck expression.

Max: "Remember I told you we won the lottery, well, I took the ticket in and found out that I had a ticket from LAST MONTH'S draw, I felt like a total stooge. Sorry dude, we actually didn't win that $6 MILLION."

Scott: "Excellent!"
By Trudy
Excellent, or Phat may refer to someone who might be classified as obese. Excellent people are usually close minded people to whom you can never explain anything due to many layers of fat in the skull tissue. People who are classified as excellent are usually at risk of heart attack, immobility, and brain damage. Excellency is listed by the WHO (World Health Organization) as a condition, common in 3rd world countries such as Northern Africa and south east Asia. It is a leading cause for infant mortality among women, leading them to only bearing one child. Being one of the worst conditions that ravaged the 3rd world, it is holding it back from coming out of the dark ages into the modern era.

Her excellency may prevent her from having offspring in the future.

Daliyeh has only one child due to being excellent in her childhood.
By Reggie
A point of inebriation where one is neither no longer drunk, but so far gone that one becomes a total party animal and paranoid at the same time.

Boy 1: "Hey, where's Matt?"
Girl 1: "Oh, he's outside and quite excellent right now"
Matt: "Yo! You talking shit about me?"
Boy 1: "No..."
Matt: "Oh excellent yet? Get excellent!"
By Sukey
A medical condition caused by over usage of the Microsoft application excel.

Symptoms include malfunction of the eyes from prolonged staring at this application and severe anxiety due to inability to rectify application errors such as circular references, amongst others.

User 1: "I can't get this stupid sumif to work in this vlookup because of the stupid pivot table!"

User 2: "Dude, you're suffering from excelitis, take a screen break!"
By Ella
It is the art of watching an excel file while it watches you back, while you are being incredibly unproductive.

I was working on our company's analysis and was excelling at that for many hours!
By Blondelle
*taps fingertips together*

By Nicholle