Define Exceptional Meaning

to be uncommon, unique, extraodinary. most likely to bring home to parents. can be a complete hoe but is welcomed because she is one-of-a-kind.

"oh, look at maria. she sucks at life but she`s exceptional. she has her unique qualities and man do i love her."
By Madonna
Except Not
Used in conversation to express your disbelief in the ridiculous statement or blatant lie someone just told.

Guy 1- I banged 12 dimes last night.
Guy 2- Except not!

guy 1- yeah so im going to go spend 3 hours in the gym, fin tol ook good for the ladies.
guy 2- except not!
By Michelina
When a statement or question can be contradicted with the word "except"

The statement "All cows are brown" is exceptable because I can say "All cows are brown EXCEPT that albino one over there"
By Kirstin
A more politically correct way of saying that someone's retarded.

"Jesus, those club leaders are fucking exceptional."
By Merridie
Not including,

You can take what you like except that
By Nelle
An error condition in software that is generated by a program's inability to complete a task. Common causes of exceptions include division by 0 and calling of nonexistent files.

java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException (Exception thrown by Java when the program calls for an array object with an index outside the array)
By Pris
The member of the opposite sex than one is making an exception for and bang. Obviously, this doesn't apply to anyone other than heterosexuals and homosexuals.

Can often be taken as an insult of one's femininity/masculinity.

Girl: Oh man, that guy has been hitting on me all night
Guy: Isn't he gay?
Girl: Yeah, apparently I'm the only woman man enough for him to make an exception
By Sada

"She wants him for exceptional fun."
By Deni
Except Not
except not or except I didn’t – ph. (best defined by examples)

example: “I finished my project, except not.”
translation: (a) I finished writing my paper but still have to write my speech. (b) I finished my speech but still have to write my paper. (c) All I have left to do is practice my speech. (d) I’m all done except for finding props. (e) etc.
example: “I’m taking band next year, except not.”
translation: (a) I’m only taking a semester of band. (b) I got stuck in the freshmen class. (c) I’m not in band class but I’m marching. (d) etc.
example: “I ate breakfast this morning, except not.”
translation: (a) I ate half a piece of toast for breakfast. (b) I ate during homeroom. (c) I ate and found out later it wasn’t breakfast. (d) etc.
note: “except not” phrases are almost always followed by an explanation.
By Jane
To be ok at something or not that great.

"Hey Victor's really good at soccer"
"Ya, but Jimmy's exceptional"
By Ivette