Define Exclamation Meaning

The act of exclaiming; outcry; loud complaint or protest.

He gave an exclamation of anger.
By Eveline
Single words or short phrases yelled during the act of sexual intercourse. Often used at times of extreme pain, pleasure, or while climaxing.

"Son, the best exclamation your mom ever used in bed was 'Do me like a black guy!'"
By Catherin
the act of putting multiple exclamation marks after a phrase

Scott was exclamating the phrase by putting 3 exclamation marks after it
By Bessy
Exclamation Whore
n. A person who over uses Exclamation Points when writing note to people or when talking on MSN Messenger.

For Example – “Hey! What’s up! How you been!!!!!!”

“My History teacher is such a Exclamation Whore”
By Nariko
Exclamation Pants
What happens in one's pants when they see something sexy and aren't afraid to hide it.

Seeing that foxy girl turned my trousers into exclamation pants.
By Eleonore
Exclamation Letters
The act of capitalizing all of the letters in a sentence.

"dude, bre keeps using exclamation letters in her text messages. It makes my eyes Burn just reading it. "
By Callie
Exclamation Point
the sprinkles on the ice cream sunday of punctuation. used to make something interesting, to express interest, to show emotion, excitement, anger, add emphasis, and make names really cool; the actual term may be used when someone makes an excellent point-possibly even causing you to make a realization

Me: Can you believe Charl!e did that?!!
Pat: No i can't! I'm so mad!!! someone has to tell him!
Me: exclamation point!
By Tonye
Exclamation Point
A chicks vag and asshole combination package makes an exclamation point (!). Notice the line (vag) and dot (anus) and separation of the two entities (taint).

By Linet
Exclamation Point
A fart at the end of a good, long piss.

pppppppssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ... pfft
Exclamation point!
By Ediva
Exclamation Marks
Also refereed to as "wet patches" or "sweat patches", Exclamation Marks are the shape of sweat patches that ladies usually leave on a plastic chair or a rubber floor when sitting for an extended amount of time. This is because the heat extracted from the leg skin and inner crack gets trapped and sits between the end of the crack and the middle of the upper thighs - since the thighs are almost placed together just leaving a bit of room. This leaves a mark of sweat on the chair in the shape of an exclamation mark because it is conveying the shape of the ladies crack, upper thighs and lower ass. Some ladies are seen sliding off their chairs instead of getting up straight away in order to wipe away the exclamation mark before anyone else (preferably the boyfriend) sees.

Another reason for this is that when girls are with their boyfriends they get nervous and start to sweat on their upper thighs, therefore leaving a mark in the shape of an exclamation mark.

Example One:
Girl one: Holy crap I was so nervous when Jim took me out to dinner, and because I was so nervous I left a massive exclamation mark on the chair! I sure hope he didn't notice.

Girl two: I know what you mean, I hate plastic chairs because I'm always leaving exclamation marks on them! Why can't these places just buy normal chairs with Cotton Covers, that would help out so much because there are so many girls who have to deal with this problem!

Example two:
(On a sign at a fancy restaurant)
Lady members visiting the restaurant are reminded to place towels on the chairs before sitting down, in order to avoid leaving Exclamation Marks.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.

Signed: The Committee.
By Jeannie