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gay or straight this shit makes you look pimp
By Ashleigh
The Express
A cheaper, less sensationalist version of the Daily Mail, the Express still holds some cringe-worthy, scaremongering right wing views. Favourite front page material are Princess Diana and Madeline McCann. Nobody really cares about them anymore.

"Hey did you read the Express the other day? Apparently Madeline has been sighted in Angola dressed in a tweed blouse!" - Express Reader

"Give it a rest mate she's dead, just like the Express' circulation." - Person with common sense.
By Mina
A store where men or women can buy very fashionable clothing. Express is owned by Structure.

Originally was a women's clothing store, but Structure clothing stores later changed their name to Express Men and revamped their product lines.

Styles at Express are usually regarded as "dressy" while still looking somewhat casual. Popular items for men are pinstripe pants and the "MX" collared shirts.

A common stereotype is that Express Men appeals only to metrosexuals.

"I want to impress this girl at work, so I'm going to buy a new shirt and tie at Express Men."
By Helsa
A highly fashionable but affordable, and unpreppy clothing store based out of 5th street New York. Specializing in designer jeans, one color unstriped polos, and button up and T style shirts.

Most jeans run around 70 bucks, but during summer sales can go as cheap as 24 bucks. polos are 37.50, and graphic T's run around 20 bucks but are often found on clearence for around 12 dollars. These types of affordable prices have made them a staple in malls as a top retailer of classy clothes.

Overall the store is more expensive than typical clothing stores (AE, A&F, Aero, Old Navy, Gap, Kohls) but offers superior clothes. People who dress in these clothes tend to be classier people, who are in their 20's, or occasionally late teens or early 30's.

By Sybyl

That is well express init
By Adelice
The ability for a certain subject to express themselves.

I wanted to have a certain expressibility in my paper, but the word expressibility isnt defined anywhere...well it is now.
By Xylina
Usually how someones face looks that describes how they feel emotionally.

There's many expressions, if someone's angry, their eyebrows may be lowered, and their face tense.
By Ekaterina
Full of expression. Obviously. Can be used to refer to eyes during pillow talk.

You've got really expressionful eyes.... And yes that is a word. I'm the English one here.
By Antonella
an inkling of expression; a gerund-like form of express. more specific than expression in that Expressal cannot be used in the sense "the expression on his face.."

The act of expressing, probably akin to the obsolete meanings of express.

"he said in an expressal of doubt. "
"The expressal measures of his hands. "
By Bobby
Another word for legit, or awesome.

Started becoming popular at Indiana University.

Dude, that is so EXPRESS.


Just found a 20 dolla bill ! EXPRESS
By Mariam