Define Extra Meaning

over the top
excessive, dramatic behavior
way too much

Robert's behavior was extra when he refused to accept Anna's apology.
By Janaye
Someone who is over the top for completely unnecessary reasons. They will go out of their way to prove this.

Austin made a 30 page assignment when only 20 pages were required. He is extra.
By Roseline
When you are being over the top, excessive, dramatic, and it's mostly over nothing!
You are doing way too much if someone says you being extra.

Person A: "Yo ass is being too extra over a bag of hot fritos."
Person B: "Bitch, just don't touch my food."
By Antonella
adjective/noun: anything excessive, unnecessary, uncalled for, inappropriate, out of place, etc.; basically anything that shouldn't be there or have been said

Person 1: Man, this chick son. I beat that shit up suttin vicious...from the back, missionary, like you know...and her pussy was so...
Person 2: CHILL MY NIG!!! You on some extra shit!
Person 1: But son, it was...
Person 2: NIGGA! That's extra!
By Carolina

By Margi
when someone does something that is just unecessary and OVER THE just DONT DO IT!

a man wants to sit down on da bus.... but has to break out da disinfectant nd and all sorts first....EXTRA

""stop bein so extra""
""why you bein extra for?""
""your so extra""
By Karena
adjective; to behave in a way on occassion or consistantly in a way that is deemed unnecessary or inapropriate.

That girl is extra.
Your being extra.
Thats extra.

By Austin
British slang. Similar to inna and eggs-up.

Very curious and annoying person.

The gal's pushy and extra. She wants to know everything about everybody.

There are 12 synonims for "extra" just below.
By Genvieve
someone who adds a little more to something when it is unnecessary

friend: your name is eric not erick
eric: i added it to be extra

also, matty healy.
By Wren

1. a special edition of a news paper distributed upon the report of something unusual enough to merit it

2. someoene who is in a film as part of a large group/crowd or in the background

My mom once had a chance to be in a film as an extra.
By Bobbie