Define Fail Meaning

1. Another word for "suck", most probably derived from the world of internet gaming.

2. To not achieve

1. What do you mean you lost? YOU FAIL!

2. I failed at achieving sickness to avoid the presentation.
By Vickie
A rather annoying word whose use in certain situations has greatly increased recently.

Kind of like the word "shit," "fail" is used by people who don't stop to think of a better word to use, making them pretty much useless to society.

A kid falls off a bike.
Douche bag: Fail!
Person that can think rationally: Stop saying "fail" at people who weren't even trying to succeed at anything in the first place.
By Nerita
UNF fleet from Navyfield. They are just so terrible.

UNF failed so hard they broke up and formed a new fleet called Jollyrogers.
By Eirena
Formerly used to describe the situation of not achieving the desired result in an undertaking considered to be somewhat important or monumental. In the context of performance in regards to the completion of a a test: to achieve a sub-par result, usually less than 70%.

Currently used by mindless sheep to commemorate the lack of desired intention, especially in regards to the most inconsequential of actions. No longer applies in the context of not passing a test (due to educational standards being so low that achievement of less than 70% is essentially impossible if one is not retarded).

One of the twenty words used in the "new" English language that is comprised completely of buzzwords.

Future Intellectual #1: (drops piece of paper)
Future Intellectual #2: Fail
Future Intellectual #1: Random!
By Inez
To fail is to be either:
Exceptionally bad at something, or to do/say something stupid to people,
Or for an item/thing to fail, it has to not be what it is, such as a funny comic not being funny, etc.

arpgme's comic FAILS
(Therefore meaning that it could be bad or poor at what it is intended to do)

You sir, FAIL.
(The person has just done/written something stupid or supposedly funny which achieves nothing it's supposed to.)
By Bridget
What unoriginal, unimaginative motherfuckers say to other people in an attempt to help them forget what a failure their life really is.

Person A: "What an epic fail"
Person B: "Hey, fuck you man!"
By Adey
What people tend to do when engaging in online chatrooms by not giving themselves the ability to hit the backspace button to correct epic typos.

Person 1:
By Joey
the stupidest trend in existence, said by people who lack a better word, or just don't have the balls to say "you suck"

supposed to imply failure at whatever was just attempted

*kid trips over*
"fuck you. you're not funny"
By Megen
1. If you do not succeed at a goal that you were going for
2. If you get a low test score
3. If you are a faggy fuckfaced shithole eating anal grease sucking buttfucking shit raping douche-waffle-mc'cunt-nugget, then you can use this to describe your friends if they do something that they weren't even trying to succeed at
4. A person disses you and you are such a fuckhole that you can't think of a diss you may use "fail" here.

1. I failed at getting the job that I wanted.
2. I failed on the test today.
3. Kid accidentally trips
Faggy douchebag shitfucker: You Fail!
4. Kid calls you an inside-out asshole licker
Inside-out asshole licker: You Fail!

* Please if you really want to be a good friend tell your retarded shit-eating friends to stop saying fail, seriously nearly every one of my friends say this and I hate calling them shit fuckers, but I have to so someday they will get some sense and look back at their retardedness and say "Why did I use to say fail, God I was a regurgitating asshole"
By Antonina
1: To not achieve one's goals.
2: To recieve a grade of less than 60/100 on a test.
3: A word which has become an instant giveaway for stupid teenage fucks who think they are clever because they say things like "EPIC FAIL" or "YOU FAIL". Originally, these and other stupid phrases incorporating the word "fail" were given birth within internet cesspots such as 4chan, but they have rapidly found acceptance among the adolescent population as the new, cool thing to say.
It is likely to become another pseudo-intellectual word popularized by the internet- further examples including words such as existentialism.

1: I wanted to fuck her in the ass, but even after I said that she'd do it if she really loved me, she said no. I failed.

2: At the DMV I scored a 15/100 on the Alcohol and Substance Abuse test. Suffice to say, I failed.

3: "You've never seen Donnie Darko? YOU FAIL."
"You don't like Napolean Dynamite? YOU FAIL."
"You think My Chemical Romance sucks the fucking sack?
"My mom made me clean my room? FAIL."
"Eat my brocolli and carrots? I DON'T WANT TO. YOU AND
By Damita