Define False Meaning

An answer that indicates an incorrect statement.

Friend 1: Dude, you need a haircut...
Friend 2: False.
(Friend 2 Indicates no haircut is needed.)

Friend 1: Hey buddy, we should go to the movies.
Friend 2: False.
(Friend 2 Indicates no movies will be attended.)
By Patsy
Use in place of no

By Raina
whenever someone asks you any question just say false to look like an idiot.

By Dominica
To slap someone with the back of your hand in a painful manner. It's a common word in pidgin, used to intimidate or to initiate physical fights.

What, you like me false you?
By Merilyn
Saying something is false means that it would be wrong, and a useless thing to do. When something can be done better or is not at all of satisfactory manor its false.

Jack Black: I could 26 skedew you a song, but that would be false.
By Grete

Man,you false.
By Karlyn

I didn't ride in his car! Who false is that?
By Antonina
Basically someone that's not telling the truth. Like calling someone a liar, except you'd say they were "falsing".

I swear I don't like her.
Dude, you're falsing!
By Nannie
Dwight Schute's signature reply in The Office

A reply to something not true, or reply to any fact that Dwight Schrute does not agree with.

*Jim Halpert is impersonating Dwight*

Jim Halpert: Question. What kind of bear is best?

Dwight: That's a ridiculous question.

Jim: False. Black Bear.

Dwight: That's debatable...
By Carma
Slang: to express a thing or person that is purposely cruel, mean and unnecessary, usually when you would not expect it/them to be.

1. Adjective: describes a person who is "false"

2. Verb: the act of "falsing" someone

1. "He was meant to give Tommy a place to stay last night, but he went home without him. He's so false."

"Did you see what Rick did to Micheal last night?"
"Yeah, he spat in his drink and then had sex with his girlfriend. He's the falsest chap."

"Can I get a lift with you tonight?"
"No Timmy!"

2."Will you get me a bottle of JD when you're at the off-license"
"No, I've no money!"
"Ahh, you're falsin' me, chap"
By Jacinthe