Define Famous Meaning

When significantly more people than you know know you, then you are famous.

I never thought that the streaking incident at the football game would make me famous, but everybody remembers my face
By Valenka
Crazy sexy cool
mobbed by the public everywhere seen
women want him and men wanna be him

By Candice
To get extremly wasted, usually from alchohol or marijuana.

Pat: What are we doing tonight?

Trent: Getting famous.
By Hilda
Somethign well-known and often likedby many



The famousjobs that Kyle can do.
By Jeannine
when your in the public light alot and when the paparatzi and people stalk you every where you go!

Omg is that Angelina Jolie she is soo famous, I love her!
By Perrine
When you smoke a buncha weed and start believing everyone is looking at you because you look like Charlie Sheen and not because you're squinting in the dark and smiling like a gaywad with two peters.

I remembered how much I hated Doo Doo Mike last week when he got me famous and made me watch cartoons with him.
By Mariam
To define someone who is outrageously divalicious. when one "looks famous" this means they are looking sexy, independent and funky fresh.

Kinda like Beyonce Knowles.

It can also referr to someone who has an obvious talent.
It can also be a desription for a particular group of people who are just the most amazing people you've ever met.

I'm more famous than I've ever been, since that bastard left the building
By Trudey
When someone overhypes themself or their abilities to an expectation they cannot live up to.

You're setting yourself up for failure by being too famous.
By Maria

"Dude! I looked that guy up on Wikipedia; he really is famous!"
By Orelee
The person that is the highest on every Call of Duty LeaderBoard and has achieved number 1 on all Call of Duty games.

Famous is on top on every call of duty leaderboard.
By Alie