Define Favor Meaning

People who look similar; look alike

Tyrone sure does favor his mother. Girl, they look just alike!
By Morena
refering to eather a male or female giving oral sex.

can you do me a favor; I'm so nice i love doing favors for people.
By Windy
short for party favor (party and play PNP), crystal meth

ive got favors to share for a hot pnp top
By Caresa
asking for head or face

By Ronica
when you perform certain acts for the nintendo computer in order to win nintendo games, especially mario kart.

"reed, you're winning every race of mario kart! what, did you do some favors for the nintendo last night?"
By Ella
this is what Bk Niggason asks for! Sometimes, instead, you can say "brains" it means "can you give me head?"

"Yo, so when you gonna be doing me my favor bitch?"
" Let me get some brain!!!!"
By Valida
A form of sexual intercourse including the use of various industrial solvents. Known for dangerous and often life threatening positions and locations, including the "floppy drum" and often performed in the of circular saws

"She gave me a favor last year, I just got out of the hospital"
By Tally
Favor is a pretty girl who has dark brown eyes who has a wild pesonalty who is a wild card that is a nice, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous girl that. Always wants to help people in any situation that always want to be in the sauce the one that might seem mean or quiet bc she Dosent talk to you but when she dose she would be the best person to talk to because she is so easy to talk to bc when she talks to you she makes you fell better. that she would love and help you out in the worst situtions also she is the funniest person you will ever meet her dressing is poppin her face you'll never forget and her smile but her laughf her laughf is so unique you'll never forget she has a bold personality and all in all you want her to be in your life in any way beacause she's the person who is always their

Hey "favor" hey 😻 "I like your style your cute " "thanx " ❤ you have a bold persalty to and you fine"
By Christabel
Favor For Favor
You and your partner pleasure one another

Hey baby, wanna do a favor for favor ?
By Milzie

By Blanche