Define Female Meaning

Iron Man.
"Fe" is the element name for iron on the Periodic Table of Elements.
"Male" is a man.
Thus, put together "Fe" and "male" and you get "Female".
Put together "Iron" and "man" and you get "Ironman".

Dude 1: Man, I hooked up with this amazingly FINE female last night.
Dude 2: *crying* ... Man I thought what we had was special!
Dude 3: *walks by* ಠ_ಠ
By Pauletta
1. A girl
2. Not of the male gender

Dude#1: Hey, look, there's that girl Maria!
Dude#2: That's a female?!?
By Sophronia
Meaning no or without nuts. Not wanting nuts on something.

Dude 1: I like to get the female Midnight Madness at Jerry's Deli.
Dude 2: What do you mean?
Dude 1: I don't want nuts on it.
By Latisha
lucky bastards who get more and better orgasms than men!

Guy: "Why can't we all be female so we can have non-stop pleasure?"
Other guy: "Damn that y chromosome!"
By Willy

guy 1: that female is not that hot
guy 2: doesnt matter shes just a life support system for what really matters
By Marietta
1)n.- The opposite of male in any species on earth, usually the reproductive member of the species, except in seahorses, coming in a variety of classes from cherished partner to ankle.
2)n.- The only match to the male human that constitutes a heterosexual relationship,

Women, can't live with them, can't have a heterosexual relationship without them.
By Pippy
A person containing the XX pair of chromosomes, and as a result tends to be gendered into a motherly, ornament-like identity, with masochistic tendencies as she is encouraged to disfigure/mutulate her body.

:A female racing to class in high-heel boots, displaying signs of imbalance, difficulty, and sometimes even pain.
:Breast implants, corsets, Chinese tiny foot fetish, hours a weeks spent applying cosmetics, dieting through starvation, and enduring the discomfort of shaving.
By Kriste
'Female' a word that should empower us to be who we are, embrace our identity . The society we are surrounded with trains us to feel insecure. Your'e too tall, too short, too skinny, too fat, too common...not every girl was supposed to have blonde hair with blue eyes and a tiny waist. Every girl is told to be skinny but thicc, kind but a badass, look neat, look well mannered, dress properly, dress slutty...why .. so her boyfriend gives her a fuck. This society wants us to be an ideal image ..''I cant date you your'e too ugly,"your'e just a hoe what do you know about love.''''shes too ugly for my standards.""No shes a lesbian we cant have her as our friend ". This is how we are treated in our society that we gave birth to!
Stand up for yourself ain't nobody can do what you do, ain't nobody can be as strong as you, ain't nobody can love someone the way you are incredible , you are gorgeous ...fuck the people around you they don't deserve to have you in their life . You are a goddess ,celebrate yourself for you are glorious.

A female should always be respected.
By Dalia
smart people and everyone who said something negative about girls is gay and yo mammo and yo daddy

i like being a girl because i know i am smarter than most
By Elna

I'm a female

A woman don't you understand?
By Fan