Define Fgts Meaning


All of these conservatives are a bunch of fgts.
By Carmina
Short for faggot, commonly used in IRC

Fk u gay ass fgt fk.
By Myrna

*in rocket league*
"Nice Shot/Great Pass! fgt"

"What a save! Fgt!
By Alysia
Short for "faggot" technically so you don't get banned from forums or something.

Poster: Oh help I seem to be in truble
Reader: stfu u fgt
By Marys

Hey you, you fgt, gtfo!
By Starlin
Abbreviation for faggot. Used online on forums and social media websites such as YouTube. Profanity filters won’t pick it up so your comment does not get deleted.

Op is a fgt.
Dude, you’re such a fgt.
Homophobia is not a crime. You fgt.
By Bobbie
Shortened term for faggot, usually meaning homosexual.
Usually found in Teenage forums, or being said by teengars who are much too scene to use vowels.

By Norri
When someone is too fucking retarded to even use the word: "Faggot," so they have to be called a "Fgt."

That one Fgt tried to make me do his homework for him, fuck him.

"U an fgt"
By Sher

Bro you’re a fgt, that was my last nacho!
By Valina
Abbreviation for faggot.
FGT or fgt is widely used on social media in posts, comments and in groups (even closed groups) due to it being a word that has been banned, especially on Facebook.
Using a hashtag before FGT indicates that to yourself are a FGT.....that I'm calling you a FGT when directing my comment to you. IE:. " Whatever you say, lol. #FGT "
I F someone reports you for using it Facebook warns you the forst time. After that it becomes stings in Facebook Jail.
Sometimes Facebook itself will put you in jail for it.
See: Facebook Jail

1. "How 'bout them Raiders? What are they, 0-8?"
Reply "Shut your mouth, FGT"

2 ".Why didn't you PM me last night?"
Reply " Stop being a whinny FGT"

3. "Fuck you AND the Dodgers. #FGT "
By Tani