Define Find Your Meaning

Find Your Chill
It is a saying used when someone just did or said something dumb and ignorant as fuck; or they are throwing more shade than an oak tree. The person saying it is implying that you need to take a chill pill and relax.

Girl #1: She is such a fake bitch I'm gonna fight her next time I see her.

Girl #2: You know she will beat the shit out of you, sit down and find your chill before she drags your ass.
By Costanza
Find Your Mojo
to be able to find something you like doing, and to do it with passion, zeal, energy and enthusiasm

To find your mojo in a job you dislike is to try to grind coffee beans with your bare teeth. It's almost nearly impossible.
By Xenia
Find Your God
To experience something which is an"ultimate", or a defining moment in a person's life. Can be positive/constructive or negative/destructive.

It was said of former USC and Oakland Raiders QB Todd Marinovich that when he first smoked black-tar heroin he had "found his God".

Man, if you try this you'll find your God.
By Cristal
Find Your Silence
A request that somebody be quiet, stop talking, etc.

You're driving me nuts. I am going to need you to find your silence.
By Cecile
Find Your Love
One of the greatest songs by Drizzy>Drake,about some jealous freaky lookin gang leader who does some freaky looking shit like KILLIN PEOPLE!!!

Person1* Did you see Drizzy;s music video Find Your Love
Person2* yeah that Mavado junk was freaky
By Neille
Whatever Finds Your Nemo
synonomous with "whatever floats your boat"

Corey: Hey Kelly, want some of this mustard for your PB&J?

Kelly: What the hell? This is PB&J, don't use mustard...

Corey: I like it...

Kelly: Whatever finds your nemo, ya freak.
By Blakelee
Find Your Death Star
Find a single totally bad-ass thing to accomplish that will live on forever.

this expression refers to Luke Skywalker destroying the death star, one of his most bad-ass accomplishments.

guy 1: "I work hard every day, but never seem to feel any sense of fulfillment."

guy 2: "dude, you gotta find your death star."
By Bunnie
Find Your Dick About It
To stop behaving in such a way that one's dick is so small that it cannot be located.

I don't care if you don't want to go out tonight, find your dick about it bro.
By Donetta
Find Your Own Man
let me go find your own man. Sis

find your own man
By Stephannie
Find Your Dad Day( October 30)
This is truly a wonderful day, In which Black people finds there dads. The Dad brings the milk home finally

Jerome: My Dad's been gone for 254 years. He was at the milk bar buying milk.
Columbine shooter: lucky for you its Find your Dad day( October 30)
By Rosabel