Define Finna Meaning

Abbreviation of "fixing to". Normally means "going to".

I'm finna go da' sto!
By Juieta
Literally means "going to"
Came from "fixin to"

"I finna give you an LA ass woopin'" - Chris Tucker
"Finna take it to the house" - Trick Daddy
By Genovera
Ebonics word that is supposedly a contraction of the words "fixing to". Can also mean "going to".

The girl who was making gastrointestinal noises at Nicolet's Congress said, "I finna get my nails done."

When the teacher asked the student who was wandering the halls where he was going, he replied, "I finna go to the bathroom."
By Georgeanna
going to
origin: abreviated from fixin' to

By Pattie
about to, in the procces of doing something

person1: get yo butt up there and clean that room boy!

person2: i'm finna do it
By Hattie
Preparing to or Fixing to

A folk, I'm finna jump up on shawty.
By Dela
about to

I'm finna go to the store.
By Licha
another word for "gonna" that only dumb fags use

if you use the word finna you're dumb asf
By Trudie
gonna or going to

By Peg
A slang way to say "fitting to" or "fixing to".

By Heida