Define First World Meaning

First World
The world classes (first, second, and third) have no official definition, but are often times used to describe the economic position of a state. The differences between the classes has less to do with the economic well being of the nation, and more to do with the geopolitical divides that emerged during and after the cold war.

First world is generally defined as a western style state that is usually capitalist and democratic, which has a high standard of living.

See also: second world and third world.

First world countries include: The United States of America, Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, etc.
By Annemarie
First World
There is one world, not three.

The same girl or guy calling your problems first world is the girl or guy teasing you about being broke, where does all the heartfelt compassion for people in different countries come from? Bullshit people talk straight out of a kids school book about first, second, and third world.
By Sarina
First-world Starving
the state of being super hungry when there's nothing available to eat but lots of food you don't feel like eating.

"Man, I'm hungry! What do we have in the house?"

"Oh, there's pasta, soup, a whole loaf of bread -"

"Nah, that all sounds terrible. God, I'm first-world starving!"
By Jeannine
First World Hungry
When you have a fridge and pantry full of lots of good food but won't eat anything normal because you crave junk food.

Girl 1: I'm soooooo hungryyyy! I need foooood.
Girl 2: Seriously? Your house has enough food to feed a tribe of Eskimos for 3 weeks.

Girl 1: I want chiiiiiips!
Girl 2: Oh, you're first world hungry.
By Adelheid
First World Problems
Problems from living in a wealthy, industrialized nation that third worlders would probably roll their eyes at.

Aw, crap, I don't know which 1 carat diamond encrusted platinum ring to buy!
By Ferdinande
First-World Poor
Adj. Being in such financial straits as to not have the means to purchase basic necessities while in large credit card and/or student loan debt and still owning other luxury home entertainment items. I.e... a person can't buy groceries or gas to get to work, or unable to go out with friends on a Friday night, but owns things like a laptop, smartphone, Wii, HDTV with satellite, ipod, etc...

Jerry's missing Tony's bachelor party cuz he's first-world poor, so he said he's gonna stay home and Netflix movies all night.
By Alethea
First World Feminist
Someone focused on relatively trivial feminist issues in wealthier countries while neglecting much more important issues elsewhere.

She complained that the girls' toys were all in pink packaging, but ignored the fact that they had been made by child labour in India. She's a real First World Feminist!
By Ella
First World Problems
First world problems-When you already have a substantial amount of what you Need , yet you complain about the quailty and the type you Want.

"My daddy bought me a car today !!!! . It's not the Mercedes I really wanted but at least it's something :-//// " #first world problems
By Alfreda
First World Hunger
When people in a first world aren't hungry, but they are bored, so they shall eat.

Guy: I'm bored. Maybe eating these fries will suffice my urgent need!
Guy 1 After Giant Binge: And that was how I acquired First World Hunger. Ahh...
By Koren
First World Problem
Problems related to the difficulty of living in a first world country.

My 7 dollar starbucks latte came with ONE espresso shot instead of the TWO I asked for!

Fuck the third world, I have first world problems.
By Margaretta