Define Fits Meaning

to describe an individualos clothes

Man, that dudes got some tight fits.
By Page
Short for "Counterfeit", term "Fit" is only used for counterfeit money that sells for less than the legal value it resembles. Fits are also known for great quality, but just a bit lower than the actual authentic bill that money is made of. And is used to actually purchase things.

Dude i needa buy me one of em gucci bags for my boo, cost around $250, link me fits to buy 6 of em. I'll pay the producer after i sell em and link one to my boo, seen?
By Merrili
Freak In The Sheets. A girl or boy who gets freaky in the bedroom.

Damnnnn, you can tell that boy is a fits
By Tess
abbreviated word for "outfit".

Friend: Hey bro what did you do today.
You: Oh ya know went to the mall and got some new fits:
By Channa
Needle and syringe...junkie term.

rigs works

Wher can I get some fits..?
By Cordey
Clothes. An outfit that is self-deprecating, and worn for humor

Person 1: Hey Matt, nice fits.
Matt: Thanks, my mom picked them out.
By Denna
when you look at someone and can tell right away she is a freak in the sack. freak in the sack F.I.T.S.

Damn, that girl is a fits
By Tilly
A girl (or possibly a guy) who has a large or fat body but small chest (or pecks). Also referred to as Fitzgerald

Reggie: You see Matt's girlfriend?
Taylor: Yeah, she's got some fits on her...I saw her in a one piece
By Iormina
This word describes a girl whos only positive attributes are her face and tits. Hence, fits.

Nelly: "Yo man, did you love sanchez?"
Dean: "Naw, man she was just a fits, plus she had man hands."
By Rebekah

"dude that girl is fit!"
By Valencia