Define Flem Meaning


*hwaaak* ptt
By Genny

By Tatiana
when you smoke and your spit goes all thick and horrible so you spit it out or when snot goes into your spit.

i've just had a fat joint so my mouth is full of flem

i've got a cold and i keep sniffing and my mouth is all flemy
By Tonya
An amazing word to describe that catagory of people whose personality lingers between their gender and the next. It's a word to use when people have grown out of the words such as "tomboy" and "tomgirl".

"I don't get it, she acts so much like a man sometimes."
"Yeah, don't worry, she's just a flem."
By Grace
A common idiot misspelling of "Phlegm", which is "a thick, sticky, stringy mucus produced by the respiratory tract, usually as the result of irritation, inflammation, or infection of the airways."

Dude, bro, I'm coughing up so much flem today.

It's 'phlegm', you imbecile.
By Florella
When your cough is chunky

Person 1: “Wow I have quite the flem build up!“

Person 2: “Go get rid of it in the water fountain.”
By Hermia
Flemming is the scandinavian term and spelling off. Fleming
Flemming also refers to a Danish bookseries about the teenager boy Flemming and his James Bond like life. Where he experience and solve domestic crimes.

In the late 60's the Danes named there boys Flemming..
So a lot off the boys actually is called a nickname or by their Lastname..

Flemming is the guy you can trust and he stands up for you..He will protect and help you without condition..but don't hurt him! He has a memory of an elephant

This is impossible! So I'll ask if Flemming will help me!
By Flossie
But Flem
when ur taking the girl up the stinker, and u cum in her ass & she farts! voila! u have but flem

By Ernesta
Verb. The practice of leaving or depositing your feacal matter in an inappropriate place. eg: Microwave

The dog totally flemminged on the lounge floor." "Dude you got too drunk and got your flemming on in the microwave" "Flemming is disgusting, why would anyone do that?
By Alie
To get absolutely paralytic drunk and twatted.

Ahhh mate I’m gonna get absolutely flemmed tonight!!

Mate did you see Ollie last night he was fucking flemmed!
By Maryl