Define Flirting Meaning

You dinking around with the opposite sex. complements and shit

I was flirting with that girl all yesterday.
By Kamilah
exaggerations or even lies on occasion used to make ones self look better and score so called brownie points later redeemed for sexual activities.

Cliff - If I spend enough time flirting with that chick, I might be able to hit that!

Carli - LOL get out.
By Irene
even if you don't like someone, it's a fun thing to do.

if you like someone, this shows that person that you like them.

"do you like him?" "no, why?" "you were flirting with him!" "i flirt with all guys."

"do you like him?" "how does everyone know?" "you guys always flirt"
By Giana
1) Something extremely fun to do around the opposite sex.

2) The most annoying thing anyone can do with your boy/girlfriend.

1) "It's sooo fun to flirt with him! He's so hot!"

2) "She should stop flirting with my boyfriend before I become violent..."
By Eve
It is when you like someone of the opposite sex, and while communicating with them(chatting), you imply(hint) subtle that you like them, without every directly saying it.

Guy: Do you like her?

Guy2: why do you ask?

Guy1: Cause it seemed like you kept hinting to her that you liked her while you guys were talking today.

Guy2: okay fine. yeah i was flirting with her the whole time.
By Charleen
When u laugh with the opposite sex or play around with them

Chasing them touch them frequently flirting
By Clementine
when some orange oompa loompa attempts to flirt with your boyfriend over facebook because shes too ugly and scared to do it in person because of his gorgeous girlfriend who could beat the living shit out of her in 1 hit (: yaayyy YOUR AWESOME.

"ew why is shelby rodgers flirting with my boyfriend? shes so ugly and weird and she always looks like she smelt something bad. like the old cucumber shoved in her asshole."
By Sean
sexually socialling contact to the opposite sex.

Michelle is too close to my boyfriend, and she's touching him. (Michelle is flirting with my boyfriend)
By Corine
The behavior observed as when a guy initiate a pickup line, starts the emotional process (input) characterized by both speech and body language (facial expression) and the girl responds that initial input with an output

Seattle is a place where flirting is a crime
By Hilde
To behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone.

Cash "Chloe gave me a nice shot of her boobs yesterday and today she gave me a look at her abs I think she's flirting with me?"

Doug "Then ask her out bruh"
By Bride