Define Flow Meaning

n. A rapper's ability to rhyme to phat beats in a skillful manner

You heard that new Nas single? Nigga got one tight-ass flow!
By Jonie
A rappers ability to vocalize a rhythmic yet complex string rhymes that fit together in a logical and seamless manner.

The flow on that Blackstar track is incredible!
By Jenna
the hair that flows the back of a hockey or lacrosse helmet. although started in hockey, lacrosse players have adopted the tradition of growing out their hair. (lax players didnt start it thats bullshit. look at pics of nhl players from back in the 50s 60s and 70s. they started flow)

it is a widely known fact that a players skill level increases as their flow grows longer. however, after a certain point, flow turns into overflow and causes a players skill level to decrease dramatically. therefore it is of utmost importance to find the correct amount of flow without it becoming overflow

flow is an important part of the game of hockey. without it, we would all suck
By Alanah
the real definition: long, curly hair that busts out of a lacrosse healmet. A key component of lax. It is in fact, 90% of the game.

After Travis cut his flow, he had two bad games in a row.
By Nanete
Long, curly or wavey hair. Mostly a lacrosse term. Hair that would flow out the back of someone's helmet and curl up around the back of the helmet. Someone can have a flow or be flowin

By Justina
An amazing way to smoke a small amount of marijuana.

1.)Obtain a 20oz. or similar sized bottle and melt a ratchet fitting into the cap of the bottle.
2.)Pack appropriate amount of marijuana into ratchet head.
3.)Burn small hole into bottom of bottle so water can flow out.
4.)Fill plastic bottle with liquid, preferably with water.
5.)Cover hole with thumb and then release after sparking the marijuana.

Watch as the flow out of the bottom of the bottle draws the marijuana smoke into the bottle. Once all water has emptied out, unscrew the top and clear the bottle of smoke. The water 'flows' out and you get high as fuck. Hence, the flow.

Yo, Matt, hit that flow before i do so we can get high as fuck.
By Valina
another slang street term for money or cash

"Yo man u got the flow for that?"
By Joellyn

dude, we need lottsa flow for a car

bring some flow for tha date so we don't have to pay for you
By Drusilla
n. a flow; 1. describing the movement of any mass of liquid. see lava flow, glacial flow, etc.

v. to flow; 1. to utilize skilled meter, timing and verbal fluency, usually used to describe the performance of a skilled rapper or poet. 2. to be very good at doing something, to the point that your actions become 'fluid'

adj. flowing; something that is fluid-like, that is moving (or appears to move) like a liquid.

n. 1: Scientist:"we have been tracking the flow of this glacier for the last 3 years now."

v. 1: Olly J:"when i'm on the mic you can watch how I flow,
coming quick with rhymes that never too fast, too slow..."
2: Dude:"you any good at halo2 yet?"
Other dude:"yeah i got it last week and i've been playin non-stop. I can totally flow now"

adj. 1. Police:"we are looking for a suspect in a bright red dress with long flowing blonde hair, we must bring this transvestite to justice
By Michaelina
flow is something that can go continuesly. it can be in differents ways.

cash flow:the money coming into a business or something else profitable.
music flow. spit bars without pause or chorus. that can involve a freestyle

canibus flow is better than eminem because his flow last longer. or he can spit quicker than a calculation can make a division

people flow: hey come on lets go to that club. eva you been there before? no but just follow my flow.

dancefloor/flow: i had a good time last nite that gal could follow my flow easily.
By Tony