Define Fmylife Meaning

Short for 'Fuck My Life'. FMyLife is a website dedicated to creating entertainment and enjoyment from others' unfortunate circumstances and glorifying such moments for the world to see.

FMyLife allows its visitors and/or members to post 'FMLs', or short snippets containing one painful 'fuck my life' moment from that day. Each FML must begin with 'Today,' and end with 'FML.'

As of March of 2009, submitted FMLs are moderated by the site's users first, and a select few are then chosen to be sent to FMyLife moderators. Once site moderators approve FMLs they are posted on the homepage.

An example FML: "Today, I walked into the kitchen and accidentally broke my mother's vase. I said, 'Accidents happen.' She replied, 'Yeah, like your birth.' FML"

"Today, I went to and realized my life isn't as fucked as I thought. I wasn't happy about that. FML"
By Juana
This term refers to the website Here it means Fuck My Life. It can be used in any bad situation you encounter. It basically means that it sucks to be you.

I just slipped on ice and broke my tailbone, fmylife!
By Olly