Define Fool Meaning

1. A court jester
2. A clumsy or stupid person who is pitied by Mr.T

1. Bring me my fool, i am in need of entertainment.
2. Ah pity the fool who tries to mess with T.
By Adaline
Word for a friend. Interchangeable with homeboy or vato.

"Aw fool you know I tasted that honey dip last night."

"You can come to the picnick but you better bring some forties fool."
By Dorella
Name for a person,any type of person.Can be used in anger or friendship.

By Elisabetta
A term for friend or buddy which is mostly used by non white ethnicities

By Carlita
a slighly mean term for a friend

Whatever fool, I'll do it myself
By Kirstin
One who is deficient in judgment, sense, and understanding.

By Dorine
Is regularly pitied by certain African-American actors with single-letter names.

By Ava
idiotic, neurotic, highly rude, obnoxious, and not worth any one's time.

Wow, Rush Limbaugh is such a FOOL!
By Eadie
anyone who steps into the ring with Mr. T

"I pity the fool who steps into the ring with me" ~Mr. T
By Cristina
See Bush
The president part of that.
The president as of right now.

I couldnt resist putting that.
By Pennie