Define Football Players Meaning

Football Players
1.guys who put on enough pads to usaully keep themselves alive play on professional teams and get paid alot of money,who still get injured

2.people who play football for fun with or without pads because we think its fun and we love the game,were not all jocks either

1.terrel owens went to play in the superbowl after breaking his ankle and my friends who play for the hell of it
By Ann-Marie
Football Players
retarded assholes that think they have to be cool infront of each other by being loud annoying and rude. Making themselves live up to the football jock asshole stereotype.

Why is that Football Player such an asshole?
By Tammi
Football Player
for the most part, big ass mothafuckers who's brains are in their dick heads. fucking girls and going to jail are a must for these guys... still, its a living.

By Susana
Football Player
In high school, the people that deserve the least amount of respect, yet get the most. MTV brainwashed girls want to fuck them just becuase they're "hot". VERY few of them (about 10%) are cool and get along with everybody. The other 90% are stereotypical jocks: date only cheerleaders, hate everyone not on the team, are depressingly stupid, and act like complete asses.

By Ailyn
Football Player
A player of one of the most physical, strategically complex sports in the world. Often the subject of negative stereotypes, which are usually formed from the whining of pussies and nerds who don't have the skill or are scared to play, lacrosse faggots, or other people with an inexplicable aversion to football. Not all high school football players are dumb or get bad grades. This is generally a result of teachers being unrealistic and expecting us to put up with all of their shit. As for the stereotype that we only date cheerleaders, what the fuck is the problem with dating girls we find attractive? There's a reason the pussies, nerds, and faggots don't give us shit to our faces. Their asses would be kicked into the next state.

I am a football player.
By Alena
Football Player
dumb, moronic meat heads who's only job in life is placed at great jeopordy every time they get a concussion.

wow did you see that football player try to eat that plastic fruit? man he is dumb just like all the rest of them.
By Elly
Football Player

Hey, you're his best friend, what's a synonym for Robert Wood? Soccer player?

Fuck no, Robert Wood means football player, and if you don't believe me, his best friend, just check Urban Dictionary.
By Brina
Football Player
In high school, they are stereotyped for being big and dumb, but a majority of them are not anything like these. Football players don't just work out and bang girls, they also have to deal with asshole teachers about homework and deal with all the stupid kids at school that were too weak or scared to play football. Also, football players have to stay strong and practice in order to be good. Being a football player is more than just winning games, its about teamwork and intelligence to be a true football player. There will always be the true sterotype football player who dates cheerleaders and is stupid but that only represents a fraction of us all, being a football player myself.

1. Guy 1: That guy plays soccer doesn't he?

2. Guy 2: Hell no, hes way to big and strong for soccer, hes a football player.
By Ddene
Football Player
Typically arrogant in all aspects, and believe that anyone who doesn't play the sport is a female's genitalia. They claim to be superior to everyone and will brag about how much bench press (which is usually exaggerated BS). They treat the sport like its warfare, but until they join a military service and go throught he rigorous training of combat and be able to apply that to a firefight and CQC, then they should really just shutup and learn to play the sport for fun and not to be a little POS with plastic armour and a ball on a playing field who loves to brag about their "soldiering". (I'm looking at you High School jocks)

I've been preparing myself for BCT and OSUT, but apparently I'm a pussy because I'm not a Football Player.
By Roselia
Football Player
(Note: I'm talking about American football, fucking Euro-Trash)

Think of a rugby player, only bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, and in pads.

Football players play the most psychically and mentally demanding sport in the world.
By Ertha