Define Fortnite Kid Meaning

Fortnite Kid
A little kid, usually below the age of 11. They are spoiled due to having parents with moderate to severe symptoms of not giving a fuck about their children. They are always the first to check the fortnite daily item shop. Most start seizing when ping goes above 30. Due to all the energy drinks digested by these kids, they consume too much caffeine leading to them being sleep deprived. Most fortnite kids sit on their chair all day thinking they are cool for knowing how to do the orange justice emote. They also get erections by any female skin in the game.

Kid 1: "the new item shop comes out today, can't wait!"
Kid 2: "Ya me too"
Older brother of kid 1: "Y'all some fortnite kids. Take a shower, you smell like my dogs piss."
By Tammara
Fortnite Kid
a 8 year old who says "FORTNITE IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!" and listens to the "fortnite anthem" everyday and tries to date any gamer girl while making fun of every anti-fortnite community

"minecraft is older than you're existence fortnite kid."
By Joy
Fortnite Kid
group of weird little kids running around beatting there chests like there meat

oh look he is fortnite kid he is a sped
By Anallise
Fortnite Kid
A fortnite kid is a 6-12 yr old kid that squeaks all day and when they die they say YouR FucKIng HACKing, and when someone says fortnite is trash they go RespECT ALL GameS when they say miNeSHit andCall oF Poppy And think there a ture gamer. And there comeback from a roast is WeLL i diD ur mum lASt NiGHt

Fortnite kid: Want to play ForTInite
Normal person: no fortnite is MEGA GAY
Fortnite kid no ur gay, walks away DOING FUCKING TAKE THE L
By Lavena
Fortnite Kid
kids that play fortnite, say minecraft sucks and thinks they are cool

fortnite kid: minecraft sucks!

the rest of the class: no you suck

the fortnite kid:
By Donella
Fortnite Kid
a fucking 11 year old kid who won’t stop bragging about his arena points

at school

me: hello
fortnite kid: get lost you don’t have enough points to talk to me
By Thelma
Fortnite Kid
A fortnite kid is someone who has severe brain damage. They talk shit even though they are not good at the game they play, they then proceed to ruin other games and shows. Fortnite kids are the bane of fun. If you ever see a fortnite kid kill it immediately.

By Adrianne
Fortnite Kid
A fucking virgin who’s never seen the outside

By Sigrid
Fortnite Kid
Based on the current popularized video game Fortnite , this term can be used for a person with a cringy or annoying presence. The game has captured the audience of like, every 10-12 year old child- as well as older people too. Many of the people playing the game play for several hours per day. Some kids become so obsessed with the game that they get diagnosed with video game addictions, fueling the fire of soccer moms across the country to blog about their anti- video game pursuits.

Friend 1: "Have you heard what happened to Jack? I haven't seen him in a while"....
Friend 2: "Yeah, I heard he's really annoying. He quotes old memes and dabs all of the time. He's kind of a fortnite kid now".

Forget Generation Z. There's a whole new generation called generation FK, aka Fortnite kids.

Fortnite kid: *does anything*

Kid's mom: it's because of those damn video games....
By Daveta
Fortnite Kid
A 9 year old kid who plays fortnite, says the n word and thinks he’s cool

Did you se that fucking fortnite kid
By Edna