Define Fractional Meaning


"fractionals are fractions that match, okay students?" said the teacher.
By Dahlia
The new swear word for maths geeks.

By Lorelei
Fractions are a part of a whole object.

There was only a few fractions left of the pizza!
By Verena

By Fern
refers to the historical tendency of blacks to be considered 3/5 of a person. Used as a way of degrading obnoxious ghetto ass motherfuckers.

Damn this line be movin' slow as shit cuz they tryna add up all dem fractions! They got 18/5 people up der!
By Jeralee
1: of, relating to, or being a fraction
2: of, relating to, or being fractional currency
3: relatively small : INCONSIDERABLE
4: of, relating to, or involving a process for separating components of a mixture through differences in physical or chemical properties

First, fractionally ownership of real estate assets for investment purposes is not new, said Nils Kok, an economist and associate professor of finance and real estate at Maastricht University, in the Netherlands.
By Robby
1) In mathematics, the process of turning whole numbers and/or variables into fractions by adding numerators or denominators.

2) To create a number expressed in the form a/b.

In order to solve this equation, we will first need to fractionize the x term.
By Stefanie
A morbidly obese person, most likely above 400 pounds in weight. They are so heavy that it is easier to describe their weight in terms of a fraction of a ton.

Hey, look at that fat-ass fractioner taking up three seats on the plane.
By Nadia
Exotic Fraction
A fraction that you might have to deal with when doing a college-level homework problem. It doesn't necessarily have to contain X or any other variable, but it does have to have to be a numerator-denominator combination that you would not normally see in everyday life. The reason the number is written as a fraction is because writing it as a decimal would require imprecise rounding off and/or because it must be added, subtracted, or multiplied with a similar fraction.

Okay, so we just got through establishing that:

(61/99)X = (8/49) + (56/22)Y + (45/38) - (1/36)Y{(14/45) - (31/29)Y} - (2/7)X + (1/18)XX

can be simplified as:
(625/693)X = (2509/1862) + (1/18)XX + (22603/8910)Y + (31/1044)YY

which can be further simplified as:
X = (1738737/1163750) + (77/1250)XX + (1740431/618750)Y + (2387/72500)YY

*loud sigh* There!! Now that we're done with that headache, I don't want to see another exotic fraction for the rest of the day!
By Brinna
Ass Fraction
1.)A pathethetic person who is being a real jerk. 2.) any driver on the road other than yourself that is preventing your expedient travel from point a to point b 3.) Any customer.

Derived from a play on words for ass "whole". When using insert the appropriate fraction in the insult

don't be an ass half.
What did you call me?
An ass half, because you are so pathetic it would take two of you to make an ass whole.
By Nerte