Define Fred Meaning


I broke my fred, wanna go shopping for a new one?
By Marilyn
fred, nigga

aka weed

"Why were you with Spankey?"
"We were chillin with Fred."
By Selene
characterized by a love for bluegrass, a talent in all instruments, a passion for Middle Eastern languages, and an addiction to pie that cannot be cured by the Atkin's Diet. Overall a very smart and funny person usually from Oklahoma.

By Star
a fucktard with a lower IQ than that kid in your class named Sam

fred is a fred
By Cari

fred has a mangina
By Thelma
Fred - married to Wilma off the Flinstones, Not anything to do with females

Hey Fred go get me a beer, NOW.
By Kaitlyn

Oh look, its that french pedo - fred
By Adara
stands for "Fucking Red"

aka a girls period

Damn it, fred from virginias here again
By Anthiathia

Wow, Paul's fred is huge!
By Gabriella
Fred: backing out of your duties.likes tulips..and rainbows..never splashes puddles at ppl..or drive their car and splash a huge puddle at someone..not a roadrager..wants to die someday..wants to see his dead dog in the sky and play with jesuses cock.doesnt like strange..likes to sit down..hamster..chews things..burps a lot ...repeats..words...lies..trys to make himself luk gud..if gets a promotion could be fired..panic attacks..BAD..being a dude that doesnt take it up the backbone shallow . lies to ur friends . makes them luk stupid . makes himself look evn more stupid.
buys things for ppl. genuine . very shy . afraid of sharks . gets panic attacks . lies in bed awake wheezing . drives 45 miles.gets stoned . loves traffic . hitches to get rides all over town. not gay . does not partake in homosexual activities unless his wife is involved :( freds ancestors were freed in austrailia hence the name fred.feeds ducks.loves dumpster diving.cant get enough of stockings.loves diana ross.ginger sex.likes to travel.does not smell.

fred is a nut
By Bridgette